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#17298 - 12/28/03 03:38 AM Re: "Misdirection" and weird hobbies [Re: Shylock]

New (ish) here so this is my first first of all greetings every body..
My hobbies are collecting old technical/instruction manuals for thingsd like video recorders/games consols/synthersisers,and practicing the cold reading/mind reading - have spent a lot of time researching all the old (and few new ruses).

Also I think Dr.LaVey probalbly drew some of his inspiration for his ideas about misdirection from the old conjurors and 'psychics'. basically get someone to look at one thing while do another thing leading them to think that some thing else altogether has happened. This principle can also be used with time (timed Misdirection) which is a bit like setting a little tme bomb that is going to click in somenes mind leading them to experience some 'amazing' quality you have....its all so sneeky


#17299 - 12/28/03 08:56 PM I'm a natural [Re: Shylock]
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Asperger's Syndrome

Symptom #2265

Love of all things strange, including train schedules and other totaly random things.
As for me... Just about the strangest heavy metal you can come across, is also my favourite. Wormphlegm is 30min worth of what sounds like someone being tortured, as a single song. Sparse drumming, and few changes in melody. Probably the wierdest thing I listen to though is Angizia, take female soprano, male tenor, piano, violin, and throw in some accordion, guitar and black metal growls just for shits and giggles and you got yourself a band.
I won't talk all day but I just wanted to point out I'm far from conventional, and it's completely natural lol

#17300 - 12/31/03 11:49 AM Re: "Misdirection" and weird hobbies
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"I collect horrible church items, such as Chick tracts. I sometimes find insane booklets at flea-markets. I have a book from an African Faith Healer, or 'Spiripathologist' - he claims that Satan causes all sickness by sending disease to humans from his 'secret underground demon-seed Satan radiological plants'. What could be more hillarious? "

My militant Atheist BF collects Chick tracts too, and occasionally attends Baptist Revival-type meetings and all-you-can-eat Church Buffets. If you're interested in this kind of stuff, try to get a hold of a CPA catalogue (CPA=Christian Patriot's Association, or something like that). Its filled with books on the topics like "The Plague of Secular Humanism," the Illuminati, how the Jews are trying to enslave mankind, etc., along with survivalist books and questionable tomes on how to commit felonies (I swear there was a book called "Secrets of Armed Robbery"). Reading book titles from it aloud while drunk is quite amusing. Not to mention, they include all sorts of pamphlets if you order one, my favorite being the sheet of paper with the Ten Commandments on one side and "Is America Communist?" on the other. You can probably order one online somehow; I got mine by obtaining a copy of the Protocols via third-party on (for research on anti-Semitism).
Pride may be worth less than safety but it's certainly worth more than convenience.

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#17301 - 12/31/03 12:28 PM Re: "Misdirection" and weird hobbies [Re: Shylock]
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I have a growing collection of GG Allin memorabilia. I believe GG, in spite of his massive heroin addiction and obsession with suicide, had some very Satanic qualities. That and he was incredibly funny. My current collection:

Freaks, Faggots, Drunks, and Junkies
You Give Love A Bad Name
Hated In The Nation
Brutality And Bloodshed For All
Carnival Of Excess (His country album, anyone who claims GG had no talent has not heard this.)
7" record with the Carolina Shitkickers: Layin' Up With Linda
"GG Allin Rules Hell" t-shirt
Hated documentary and his last show on DVD
Shows on VHS:
The Jane Whitney show 6/23/93
Milwaukee, 2/28/89
Santa Barbara, 9/25/91
San Antonio, 2/16/92
Austin, 2/18/92
Portland, 5/28/93
Youngstown, Ohio, 5/12/93
And the book "I Was A Murder Junkie: The Last Days Of GG Allin" by Evan Cohen, signed by the author.

Once I get some more money, I'm going to put it towards getting an autographed GG item from Ebay.
Some boys grow up into men who can look at themselves in the mirror in the morning, and others just go along with the crowd, forgetting after a while that they ever had a choice. ---Roger Ebert

#17302 - 12/31/03 12:38 PM Re: "Misdirection" and weird hobbies [Re: Shylock]

it is funny that i came upn this thread today just after rereading "Cloths make the Slave". (in The Devil's Notebook)

as to answer your question, i have found that having grown beyond whatever genres or subcultures i may have once associated myself with, i have become more free then ever before, both in style, and in hobbies. also, i have never before had friends from such a vast variety of backgrounds and styles.

i too share your love for "cheesy 80s music", and among other things, i have quite a collection of various jackets and scarves of all different types and colors.

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#17304 - 01/07/04 09:25 PM Re: "Misdirection" and weird hobbies [Re: Quaark]

Gumby is great.. I remember an episode where Pokey was mangled in a Ferris Wheel.. that show is realy twisted sometimes.. about the tracts n stuff: my parents have a ton of whack Pat Buchanen books and stuff like that.. 'exposing the gay/nazi conspiracy'.. no shit.. really.. I have an episode of Bibleman (did I mention that already?) and a nice video about the evils of rock/metal.. it has some good concert footage, heh.. I also like Godzilla..

#17305 - 01/08/04 11:26 PM Re: "Misdirection" and weird hobbies
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New (ish) here so this is my first first of all greetings every body..

Same here. Anyways, my weird hobbies/weird habbits:
I like to have several types of the same appliance (two TV's, two keyboards, mouses, monitors, fans, three pairs of speakers...)
I think up and write down new ways to organize things in my room (It's extremely messy, but when I clean I do it a new, planned way each time)
I collect misc. vinyls and tapes
I buy tons of tapes and vinyls but only download albums that aren't released on vinyl (ofcourse there's exceptions to that. I buy tons of cds, mostly second hand ones)
I buy atleast two albums I've never heard before every sunday (Student discount day at Last Vestige Second Hand Music ) based on how they look/packaging
I shave the hair off the bottom of my legs where my socks cover

#393464 - 08/31/09 09:45 PM Re: "Misdirection" and weird hobbies [Re: Shylock]
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my hobbies r:collecting and reading books, love to take pictures, love to take night walks in the woods, like my tats (22 so far). cook, kung fu, and most of all, i fuck w/ people at church. they think that i'm a born again christian, (
i lost my job last x-mas and had to come up w/ money for my children's x-mas, played the game, church paid was pretty fun. and when im up there leading the sheep to the slaughter i feel very good bout myself, but then again im a freak like that.
it matters not how strait the gate,
how charged with punishments the scroll,
i am the master of my fate;
i am the captian of my soul.

#393477 - 08/31/09 11:49 PM Re: "Misdirection" and weird hobbies [Re: goddamn devil]
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Thanks for letting us know...five years after we stopped talking about the topic. crazy
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