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#394854 - 09/15/09 10:18 AM Re: People Don't Give a Shit about You [Re: Nemo]
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Originally Posted By: "Strongbone"
The Church of SubGenius must have changed the image. In the late eighties / early nineties when I first came across them Bob had two pipes.

Certainly new to me.

Originally Posted By: "verszou"
Why not? If you claim to be right about something that contradicts current scientific methods it stands to reason that you should at least provide something more than anecdotal evidence.

I have reached my presented conclusions through observation. I don't find "official scientific research" to be very reliable considering how often it goes back on itself and changes. Our lack of understanding of the brain leaves me to scoff at the theories of "experts". I have seen this trend occur, and now I'm just running with it. It hasn't let me down thus far, anyway.

This tangent between you and I has reached its productive capacity.

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#394859 - 09/15/09 10:55 AM Re: People Don't Give a Shit about You [Re: Frosty]
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If this thread were a train, we'd now be at the point where the vultures have finished picking all the good meat off the bones of the victims of the massive wreck and left the rest for the maggots, the survivors have all gone back to their lives, the media is no longer interested, and the NTSB is about done with their investigation.

My thread locking finger is twitching...

#394866 - 09/15/09 01:00 PM Re: People Don't Give a Shit about You [Re: Quaark]
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Originally Posted By: Daark

My thread locking finger is twitching...

By all means put it out of it's misery Reverend.

While having never invented a sin, I'm trying to perfect several.

#394868 - 09/15/09 01:44 PM Re: People Don't Give a Shit about You [Re: G.F.V.]
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Originally Posted By: TheVulture
Unfortunately, you really can't always give people what they want. This is because the more you give people what they want, the more prone they are to taking advantage of you and/or demanding a lot more out of you.

The phrase, "Give them an inch, and they will take a mile." comes to mind.

It has been said that even when we perform an "act of kindness" for someone else, that we still do it because it makes US feel good. It makes us feel good, to know that we made someone else feel good.

It is this realization,that had me asking, "Exactly, how many acts are TRULY selfless? And if they are truly selfless, why did we do them, getting NOTHING in return?"

I guess what I am saying is that I wouldn't jump in front of a bullet for just any old asshole. That would be a truly selfless act. And it would be a truly stupid one. Who needs another dead hero? And dead people can't read newspaper articles about themselves "jumping in front of a bullet, for Tom Dick Harrison, a 38 year old sales-clerk at Sears, who enjoys ping-pong, and writing hate tweets on Twitter".
You stay classy,Satans!

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