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#40047 - 05/15/04 04:15 AM Satanism and Zion

Elijahu Ha Navi

Chapter One
Oath of a Prophet

Greatings fellow Satanists(members or not), I am Elijahu, a novice unrecognized(i.e. not official) Satanist from Israel.
In this country, where the vile believers of God's powers rule most of the religious life, there are very few of us, yet there are.
I am willing to devote myself to the cause of spreading Satanism, and I think that the first step is to create Hebrew translations of this site's contents.
Rest assured there are alot of people in Israel that are interested in this religion despite being Jews.
If the administrators of this forum could contact the one in-charge and offer my will to translate this site and the bible itself to Hebrew, I'd be delighted.
Most of todays Jews are not big believers in the bible, thus serving as proper ground for spreading our ways.
Despite what I have read on the official site, that stated Satanism's require for leaders, I know that this wonderful religion, must be spread, for anyone that is smart enough to accept it as the sole truth!.
I am not saying that everyone should be exposed to this magnificant way of life, no one but the clear minded intelligent folk should be introduced to it, those willing to listen, comprehend and understand this philosophy.
Youth is the key to Satan's future, we all know that, young enthusiastic teenagers and youg men and women that are willing to try something new.
Here in Israel, the youth is divided to several groups, one of them is called "Metalistim", Metalists, they were given this name because they listen ot Metal music.
I believe that music is the key to everyone's souls and hearts, therefore, only those who listen to such wonderful music, such as Cradle of Filth, which was founded by an Israeli, if my memory serves me well.
The Metalists, are also called Freaks, "Frikim", why?, because we think otherwise, live otherwise, breathe otherwise, we are a nation inside a nation!
Most of the Metalists believe in the mystical powers and know that the world as it seems, is not the world as it is and I quote Dan, a friend of mine "If you swing your hand through the air, what says you didnt just swish your hand through a demon from another dimension that you cant see or feel, because you are not on the same level as he is"
makes sence to me!, does it not to you?.
These Metalists travel in groups of 20 to 50 people and all they do is go to Fogo (Bash Dancing) Parties, smoke drink and act unlike the others.
I believe that with a bit of an explanation, they can be of great use to the CoS.
Bible or not Bible, Israel has something to it, doesnt it?.

The press here has a tendency of blaming anything violent without explanation on the Satan's cult.
In Israel,The SC serves as a scape goat to stupid deeds such as mass murder of cats, rapes conducted while practicing Satanism and even cases like this one:
"A mad teenager that crucified his parents to the celling".
I am so sick of hearing these nonesense, over and over...they havent even read the bible, they dont know what we stand for, yet they dare blame these on us
Who gives them the right to pull those kind of pranks on our behalf, just because they dont understand us and just that because our believes are different, just because Satanism sounds a bit off? I resent that and hereby declare a crusade against it, if there are Israeli citizens here on this forum, join me in my righteous battle for freedom of religion, which this Hypocricy dwelling country promised us, in your hearts, lays the key to all the doors, do not stand by why this madness happens!.
Most of the "Satanists" in Israel are madmen that dont have a slightest connection to Satanism at all, they just think that it is cool to rape and kill cats, coz we are bad and mean that way, well I resent that too and I will do anything I can to fight this phenomenon, even if blood has to be spilled over it!
I am ready to do anything inorder ot remove this stupid stigmatic from our belief, even if it means hurting some one to do it,
I read some where(not sure if it is for real) that by the Satanic belief, if some one tries to hurt you, you ask him once twice and even three times to stop, then you strike him back, well I am hurt by those few heretics that dare think of themselves as Satanism destroying our reputation!, I dont intend on asking them to cease thir vile deeds more than three times, if they still stir up trouble staining SC's reputation, blood will be spilled.

I am turning 18 this July, and If I gather 100 USD I surely will enroll to accept a membership in the CoS, spreading the prophecy of LaVey.
My parents will pose a bit of a problem, since my fathers father is a Rabi or something like it, is there a way in which my card can be sent in a regular envelope that will contain the CoS envelope(assuming you have one), since my parents are imbissiles that see nothing but their belief, which is bull IMO.
If they so much as see a track of another religion they will kick me out of the house for sure.


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These Metalists travel in groups of 20 to 50 people and all they do is go to Fogo (Bash Dancing) Parties, smoke drink and act unlike the others.
I believe that with a bit of an explanation, they can be of great use to the CoS.

The Church of Satan does not recruit groups. Offhand your metalists sound like something we have an abundance of here already. They are not especially useful.

You seem to have a lot of missionary zeal. You should be aware that the Church of Satan does not prostyletize. We are not interested in converting people to Satanism. You are one of us, or you are not. Each individual must make this decision for themselves, "Satanists are born, not made."

Perhaps you should concentrate on getting out from under your parent's shadow before you join the Church of Satan, then you won't need to worry about whether they will find out about your affiliation. You should certainly wait until you really understand the philosophy. At present it is clear that you do not fully understand it.

If you wish to offer translation sevices go to the Church of Satan website and offer them directly. As for The Satanic Bible, decisions regarding translation are made by the publisher. In any event, you would need to fully understand the philosophy to adequately translate it. Again, you do not, at this time, fully understand the philosophy.
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