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#402082 - 11/15/09 07:00 PM Reverend Moore on The Nostradamus Effect
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Here's a link to the show itself, available in it's entirety:

Yours truly is on there at about 24:30. Can't say much about the episode, but it's there if you want it. From a four hour interview, they used about ten seconds. I was told that the COS philosophy did not fit in with the network's view, particularly in light of the episode's content.

Ever forward!

Rev. Moore

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#402087 - 11/15/09 07:33 PM Re: Reverend Moore on The Nostradamus Effect [Re: AgentMoore]
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I watched this when it came on. He only had a very small part and he really didn't get a chance to have any impact.

The Church of Satan part shows a scene of a ritual (I think from Satanis?), the narrator is saying something along the lines of "there are groups that believe in Satan's existance and believe we will rule the world in the time of armeggedon.... one of the more moderate groups is the Church of Satan."

Then we get Reverend Moore saying "In it's core it is atheism" all while they're playing spooky demon noises.

After I saw this I turned the tv off and went to bed. The Church of Satan was entirely misrepresented in my opinion.

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#402090 - 11/15/09 08:07 PM Re: Reverend Moore on The Nostradamus Effect [Re: mb_goatis]
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Yes! Extremely misrepresented!!

This is certainly taken out of context and these people try to make the devil appear real since 80% of the world believes in him as a real being in some way.

Oh well... We know the truth and that is what matters.

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#402093 - 11/15/09 08:17 PM Re: Reverend Moore on The Nostradamus Effect [Re: mb_goatis]
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As the show runs footage from Satanis: The Devil's Mass to introduce the Church of Satan, the narrator states, "Fringe groups, including some satanic sects, believe in Satan's existence, and that he will dominate the world as it approaches Armageddon."

Even though they are not explicitly talking about the Church of Satan, what they are trying to imply is quite obvious.

#402097 - 11/15/09 09:05 PM Re: Reverend Moore on The Nostradamus Effect [Re: AgentMoore]
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Well, that sucked.

And I'm not even going by the whole episode. I got up to the point with the interview with you, and after it ended decided to close the browser window.

I'd be interested in seeing the whole four hours, but I'm not sure that's ever going to be a possibility. One thing's for sure: With all that pure SHIT surrounding the ten second clip, it most certainly did not fit.

What with you being a Reverend and all I'm sure it was at the very least a good interview, but I was kinda expecting to be disappointed with the show when I first read about it on the CoS News section.
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#402120 - 11/16/09 09:07 AM Re: Reverend Moore on The Nostradamus Effect [Re: AgentMoore]
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It was a short segment but it is always a pleasure to see you and hear your well spoken view of Satanism. I watched the second airing but cut off the machine after your brief appearance. The episode's content did not warrant my attention and seemed a bit over the top.
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#403730 - 11/28/09 03:35 AM Re: Reverend Moore on The Nostradamus Effect [Re: AgentMoore]
Spelled Moon

It was enough to hear the bombastic voice of the narrator and see those effects there, to know what kind of "documentary" it is. I enjoyed your short presence there though, Rev. Moore.

#403772 - 11/28/09 01:38 PM Re: Reverend Moore on The Nostradamus Effect [Re: AgentMoore]
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The deck was verbally stacked before you said a word. But you were good in time permitted

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#403789 - 11/28/09 04:56 PM Re: Reverend Moore on The Nostradamus Effect [Re: SueW]
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Originally Posted By: SueW
The deck was verbally stacked before you said a word. But you were good in time permitted

My thoughts exactly, though I'm sure there are plenty of morons who saw that and still figured the CoS participates in devil worship, even though you'd stated that the church is atheistic, seems like that's the very first thing we have to say any time we talk about the religion.

#403816 - 11/28/09 09:30 PM Re: Reverend Moore on The Nostradamus Effect [Re: SpeshulK]
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I find it funny that they only mentioned The Church of Satan's presence in the United States, totally ignoring the fact, if known, that the organization is world-wide. I watched parts of the program up until Rev Moore came on, after that, off it went. As soon as I saw all the priests and such come on, as well as the quotes from the bible, I was done. Great job Rev. Moore, your ten seconds were definately the most intelligent of the entire program.
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#403999 - 11/30/09 10:31 AM Re: Reverend Moore on The Nostradamus Effect [Re: AgentMoore]
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Saw the appearance when it aired! Fantastic as always! The rest of the show was laughable and completely over-dramatized. Amazing how we, as Satanists, always come off as being the reasonable and sane ones on these types of shows.

Outstanding job nonetheless!

Hail Reverend Moore!
Hail the Citizens of the Infernal Empire!
Hail Satan!
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#404249 - 12/01/09 09:34 PM Re: Reverend Moore on The Nostradamus Effect [Re: Magister_Harris]
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My wish is that Satanism will receive the mantle of which it is worthy, as a religion. It's a religion that works.
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