If anyone would care to support the petition for tougher laws against animal abuse in New Zealand, please visit www.pawjustice.co.nz.

In the recent(ish) news on animal abuse in New Zealand, we have had 32 birds "mutilated, with heads and wings torn off, and intestines hanging out", for which the offenders were given a mere one year's imprisonment.

One cat has been found dead with a dozen 85-millimetre nails in it's head, with the perpetrator unknown.

An 18-month Jack Russell was killed by Jeffrey Hurring, 19, who tried to strangle the dog with a chain then poured petrol down its throat before finally finishing him off with a blow to the head with a spade. He was jailed for one year - and then the sentence was reduced by two months!

This is an appalling disregard of the value of animals in New Zealand. Paw Justice is not campaigning for laws as severe as we would like, but will go a long way towards publicly displaying that the current sentencing structure is atrociously light, and making necessary changes to the law.

Lex Talionis!