As we begin to enter a new year, I reflect on the happenings of the past year. In 2009, I made many changes to many things in regards to all the projects I have running. Many of these changes were positive and some were not so positive. As a Satanists I strive to learn from my mistakes, correct them, and build a better system from what I have learned.

The CoS Emporium is no exception to this rule. The CoS Emporium website has been running for upwards of a Decade now (maybe a little more, I have lost track over the years). In the beginning, the website pioneered the way for dozens and dozens of new, amazing Satanic Products to fulfill all of our desires. The site grew and grew, housing at one point well over 100 different products, but as with all things (usually) the site grew too fast. Now on the positive side of things, the fast growth lead to the CoS Emporium being able to fund the creation of other projects (as it was intended to do). As I have always stated, all profits from the CoS Emporium were put back into the company or used to fund other projects (like the Undercroft)…. But this also was not without problems. By creating new projects, I end up creating a lot more work for myself. Even though I love it, I am only one man, who trusts very few people, so all the work ends up on my plate (on top of the fact that I also have a day job I enjoy also). So you can see where I am going with this…. I ended up creating too much work and things began to slip. The Service to the customer was the first thing to go, there just was not enough time in the day to handle everything. The creation of new products was the next thing to go, again just not enough time. After that, shipping times increased, website maintenance faltered, etc, etc, etc. The software the Emporium uses as its shopping cart was old, extremely outdated, even though I coded a ton of functionality into it, it was not able to keep up with the demand of a changing “internet”, and needed a fresh overhaul that I did not have time for.

So with all that being said, those are just some of the reasons why the Emporium has been closed until now. It has given me time to fix some of these problems and build a plan to get everything back up and running the way it use to be. To start with, the Emporium will no longer fund outside projects, instead all sales will go back into itself. The focus will be on product shipment times and product development. When the time is right, I will be hiring someone to handle order fulfillment, so orders will be shipping within one day of being placed. After that, I will concentrate on developing new products that we will all have a use for and find enjoyment in. Over time, the CoS Emporium will become what it once was, a fun and amazing place to find what we all are looking for, Satanic Gratification. It will spur the creation of new projects and products from members of the Church of Satan as it once did.

All this will take time though! I ask that you please be patient with me, as Rome was not rebuilt in a day, neither will the Emporium be rebuilt that quickly, but it will be rebuilt! So lets look forward on 2010 as the year of rebuilding, starting with the CoS Emporium (and the Church of Satan SIGS, which is coming back very very soon!), then on to my other projects, like the Undercroft, which will also be rebuilt with a fresh new look and set of features.

To kick all this off, I am running a 30% Off Inventory Clearance Sale on the CoS Emporium to test out and showcase the new software it will be running. I have listed all the items I have left in-stock and in-house so they can easily be shipped in a timely manner. In order to take advantage of the sale, just visit the Emporium’s website and add the items you want to the shopping cart, the discount will automatically be shown in your Shopping Cart. For this sale though, I have only enabled payments via Paypal because some quanities are extremely limited. If you would like to pay by check, Paypal can handle that via their eCheck option.

So as the New Year ticks ever so close tonight... Raise your glass with me and lets toast to our health, happiness, and a return back to our core values! Lets make 2010 unforgettable!

Hail Satan!
Hail the Church of Satan!
Hail the true Satanist!

Magister Ventrue


From Hell,

Magister Frost

We're all around you, are you one of Us?
- The Church of Satan Emporium