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#407857 - 01/06/10 07:42 PM Politics...
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Ya one of those subjects so taboo to bring up in polite company lol.
But no really, I do understand and agree with the CoS position on politics; that we dont all have to agree and that if all Satanists DID politically agree (or even care), it wouldn't really make sense as us being individual free-thinkers.

However, I'm just curious to get a (very) broad census of what political affiliations people have here...I myself am Libertarian, borderline Anarcho-Capitalist. By Libertarian I mean the free-market, low/no taxes, very high social freedom kind of Libertarianism, not the more socialist term used in the rest of the world. Personally, I hold that everything anyone produces is THEIR'S, and if they share with others that it should be done voluntarily, not through theft "or" taxation. Also I strongly support the right to bear arms, as well as an end to victimized crime. (prostitution, drugs, gambling) Even if overdoing drugs is obviously foolish and dangerous (indulgenece not compulsion) i find it incredibly silly and wrong to force others to conform to your own standards, aka do NO drugs at all and get thrown in jail if you do.
And yes I know the CoS position on law, such as that the Church does not condone breaking it, but I do strongly feel the law should be changed, and I dont at all care for cracking down on people who break unjust laws such as those...

I'm very much against the US' current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as this whole "War on Terror". lol Borat "I support your war of terror!"
But no really, I'm not isolationist, but definitely anti-interventionist...

Ok. I dont mean to be preachy at all, just stating some of my views and wondering what else other people say. I have many friends of very different political views than myself, many socialist even, just as I'm friends with many Christians.
And this is my first post (other than the Welcome) so I hope you dont think this is all I rant about. I hope to discuss rituals and history and books and what-not later too. smile
So, whew, yup.

How are y'all politics?

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You could argue that these current laws are unfair, victimless crimes, need to be changed, and so forth; but unless you're an influential politician there's really nothing that you can do to affect it. So why waste mental energy stressing over it?

I think it was Magistra Ygraine (correct me if I'm wrong) who said something like "It's much more satisfying to change your own world than to try and change everyone else's".

Just a few midnight snacks for thought. smile

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Registered Church of Satan members have access to a forum on this board that's all about politics. I think you'd be surprised how deeply some of the disagreements run down there. But we prefer to be discreet about it.

Personally I'm not shy about politics, and have a few posts on my Undercroft blog outlining some of my positions. I identify as a liberal, and have my own take on what that means. And my political outlook is informed by Satanism, but I make every effort to clarify that my views are not Satanic dogma nor inferred from dogma.

#407893 - 01/07/10 12:48 AM Re: Politics... [Re: Liberterius]
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As Reprobate said, there is a politics forum for CoS members. The funny thing is, as much as I might disagree with someone politically, it doesn't really affect how I see other apsects of them. Especially if they're a Satanist. wink

I tend to self-identify as being more libertarian than anything else; I am somewhat of a pseudo-conservative and most of my economic/fiscal political opinions reside to the far right. However when it comes to social issues I'm very liberal thinking. So yea, basically a libertarian of sorts.

While I don't personally like everything to do with Fascism, it is interesting. And by Fascism I mean stuff like Mussolini's Italy, Franco's Spain, the few movements in South America, NOT National Socialism. But that is interesting as well, and has probably the most powerful aesthetics. I'll answer basic questions, but all the in depth discussion will be left downstairs on my part.
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Originally Posted By: Liberterius

How are y'all politics?


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I am locking this thread now; political discussions in the non-members section always degenerate into retarded, infantile, gibberish sooner or later.

I am also leaving the thread up and locked as a notice to others to NOT begin political discussions up here, or respond to them.

Liberterius, should you have access to the Church of Satan Members downstairs section someday, you will find a vigorous plethora of wide-ranging debates with a possibly surprising absence of conformity and unanimity.

Until then, bear in mind that political discussion is limited to that section of this message board, and is not allowed up here, simply because years of past experience have shown that attempts to keep such discussions civil always fail.

Thank you for your future cooperation.

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