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#404956 - 12/07/09 07:56 PM Re: The evidence of myself as a born Satanist [Re: S810]
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Originally Posted By: S810
For me satanism is more of a blueprint for perfecting the human condition.

I really like your statement here.

Although I would say it is more of a tool to be utilized than a blueprint. Blueprint implies there is a set structure which a satanist works toward. I see Satanism as a means for focusing and utilizing the strength inherent within the Satanist.
"Much Madness is divinest Sense..."

#404959 - 12/07/09 08:08 PM Re: The evidence of myself as a born Satanist [Re: Iscariot]
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I can agree with that.

for me it was at times a blueprint. Due to the fact that in my youth I had alot of destructive behaviors. The blueprint was the house.

Once it was built i did some remodeling you could say.
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#404973 - 12/07/09 10:14 PM Re: The evidence of myself as a born Satanist [Re: S810]
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Or how about a map?

#405006 - 12/08/09 05:18 AM Re: The evidence of myself as a born Satanist [Re: Übermensch]
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Originally Posted By: Übermensch
I'm not sure where that saying originated, but I have started to think about the implications of Magister Gilmore's provocative assertion.

You can think about how religion makes people do insane things, like fly planes into buildings. I mean really, is there any better argument against religion than 9/11?

With that being said, I began to wonder if there was an entry in the DSM for religious fanaticism. As far as I can tell so far, there is not. In Christianity, the bible tells its followers to love the lord with all their heart, and with all their soul, and with all their mind, and with all their strength. Anyone who actually tries to do this, will become insane IMO. Any "true" believer is insane, and they should be diagnosed as such, and treated for it by a doctor.

I began to wonder if churches shouldn't be shut down, or outlawed, and followers diagnosed and treated. I know that sounds Un-American and downright communist but...if what Magister Gilmore said is true, shouldn't these breeding grounds of insanity be closed?

Seems we are headed off-topic now.

It it not religion. It is the human nature.

Human insanity creates religion, not the other way around.

The idea that religion makes people go to wars, commit acts of terrorism and such is a fallacy. Behind every one of those acts there is someone seeking power or territory, religion is just the excuse. When a king wanted to conquer more land he could not tell his peasants "Go fight to fill my coffers". He said "Go fight for the glory of God".

History has also proved that suppressing religion doesn't stop the insanity, it makes it even more extreme.

Countries where religion was banned and all churches closed didn't become the reign or science and logic. People actually reverted to even more primitive forms of superstition, or invented new idols to worship. Because the problem is not in organized religion, its is in the way most human minds work.
You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once.
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#405012 - 12/08/09 08:44 AM Re: The evidence of myself as a born Satanist [Re: Old_Pig]
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The insane need their institutions. The churches of spiritual religions are the institutions for the insane. Take away the institutions and you will see just how crazy they really are.

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#408098 - 01/08/10 10:31 PM Re: The evidence of myself as a born Satanist [Re: John Prophet]
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Oh, well thank you. I see your point and it´s welltaken.
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#408131 - 01/09/10 05:20 AM Re: The evidence of myself as a born Satanist [Re: Tapio]
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If it provided any new insights at all, then I am glad. smile

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