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#409976 - 01/24/10 11:45 AM Mercy Is A Helicopter
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Poor Haitians. They really got fucked this time.

Save it for the likes of Pat Robertson to be all wise about it.

It's an interesting aspect of the culture we live in; this idea that you by mysterious and magical connection are responsible for your neighbour's fate, just because you drew a luckier card than he did. This is the most insidious aspect of religion, that there is somehow a mysterious "we" that we have to answer to. Please pay attention to how the "we" never really appears in the good times, when money is being made and parties are being held all over the place.

The "we" doesn't apply to "you".

"You" are only part of the picture insofar you are either a useful idiot or the one of the guys who are running the scheme. When times are good, you are a happy puppy nobody. So of course you burst all into tears of sympathy when disaster strikes and you get to feel useful again. Such a hero!

Fuck Haiti. I never wanted to go here in the first place, and I most certainly don't want to go there now. If they want their country to be fixed, they have to do the fucking job themselves. I can of course say that they have my sympathy and shit like that... but really, how many bleeding cents is that worth? I have my own shit to tend to. And everybody knows how much sanctimonious bullshit about what you would if you could amounts to.

But fuck yeah. The world is scary and unpredictable.

We shall all probably die.
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#409997 - 01/24/10 03:48 PM Re: Mercy Is A Helicopter [Re: XUL]
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Uh... okay...

You know people have already been discussing this over here, right?

#409999 - 01/24/10 03:59 PM Re: Mercy Is A Helicopter [Re: M.D. Roche]
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Good reply. Thread closed.
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