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#409922 - 01/23/10 10:29 PM Re: Dear Satan... [Re: SteelAndStone]
Spelled Moon

Originally Posted By: SteelAndStone
I would like you, Satan, to actually appear in person, with a film crew in tow, so that everyone could enjoy watching Mr. or Ms. Theistic Satanist shit their pants on YouTube when a literal devil actually shows up, without aid of hallucinogens.

Satan, I understand that, being a metaphor rather than a literal entity, public appearances are rather difficult for you, but if you could make an exception, I would be eternally grateful for the laugh. I would even be willing to let you crash at my place for the night before returning to Hell. I don't mind if your horns or spiked tail gouge the mattress--that thing's shot anyway--but I would have to ask you to refrain from setting anything on fire, as I do not own the house. Thank you.

Beautiful! coopdevil

I don't know if Satan granted you a laugh, but you made me laugh. smile Thank you.

#409961 - 01/24/10 07:46 AM Re: Dear Satan... [Re: Quaark]
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Congratulations to you kind sir! 6666 posts!

Did you leave milk and cookies for Satan? Wait, Satan is not real, Satan is not real, Satan is not real. smile

#410311 - 01/26/10 09:01 PM Re: Dear Satan... [Re: XUL]
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"Satan is Real". Thanks! A new one for the iPod.

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