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#412492 - 02/14/10 11:34 AM Advice Please.
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I have always been courteous with the neighbors and if I had any issue with them I would talk to them in a respectful manner.

Recently a new tendent moved onto the first floor and he has a bad habit of smoking a lot of weed. So much so that the scent of it creeps into my kitchen and I live in the attic! I called the landlord the first time this happen in which the landlord called him asking him to vent his weed in a better way. Well obviously the landlord doesn't give a shit and I have heard rumors that he had several drug raids on some of his other properties. So I always considered it a possibility that he was harboring drug dealers and users for a price. I only heard the rumors AFTER I already moved into the house.

Well about four nights ago the individual on the first floor was stinking up the stairwell and inevitably my kitchen again. So I lit a few inscents and called the police. I explained to them to go through the backdoor because he would most likely answer. So when the police arrived they went to the backdoor and knocked on his door. I stood in the stairwell to hear everything that was said. The tendent below explained that he was going through a rough time and he just smoked one joint. The police ran his name and like his parents told him not to smoke anymore weed and then left WITHOUT issuing a ticker or arrest. I was disgusted at this. So I called the police station inquiring WHY no arrest was made. The response was something along the lines of "I'm not sure what happen there or why the police officers didn't make an arrest. Pure bullshit! vomit

So a few days past and no weed smell. I figured that was enough of a scare for the asshole and he was venting it differently. Then again he stinks the hallway up so I called the police AGAIN. They go to the backdoor and of course he didn't answer. So they left. I called my landlord the next day asking for a key to the bolt lock I have on my door. He explained he got his ass chewed out for someone calling the cops. I "played dumb" at first until he said that the cops told the tenent it was ME who called them. I knew this was bullshit because I didn't leave a name. I figured he already knew I did since I was the one who called him the first time. I explained that I did call because I called him but couldn't get a hold of him. Here's where the landlord made me laugh my ass off. He tried to tell me that the cops didn't arrest the tendent because the cops told him smoking weed in the house was LEGAL LOL! I pretended I was as stupid as he thought I was and played along as if I were shocked and didn't know.

I called at spoke with the sergeant and asked him for advice. He said to just keep calling to create a track record.

Well fast-forward I am here visiting my girlfriend for Valentines Day when my friend who stays with me called explaining the guy came looking for me to fight me. Now my roommate has a history of lying about shit so I wasn't 100% certain if this story of his was true. But he claims the guy said the landlord and he are "cool" and that he had 3 pounds worth of weed in his house the second time the cops came by. He told my roommate if they attempted force of entry and if he went to jail he'd send someone looking for me. But allegedly my roommate "talked" him down from making any irrational decisions. So I am in a pretty shady situation as you can see. And i know one typical response will be to move. Now there are complications as of now that prohibit this as a direct solution. Of course survival as my priority I may do just that even though it is quite difficult.

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!

#412493 - 02/14/10 11:44 AM Re: Advice Please. [Re: Unknown]
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My advice?

Next time you see something illegal happen;
Call the cops again. Over and over.

After you put the phone down, you never mention it again to anyone, unless the cops themselves come by and ask.
This for all obvious reasons.
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#412494 - 02/14/10 11:50 AM Re: Advice Please. [Re: JanusFaust]
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I would have talked to the guy myself before getting the police involved, but that's in the past.

All you can do at this point is continue calling the police. One of these days they're bound to do something about it, if for no reason other than to get you off their backs.

You also might be able to get an order of protection on the guy, but that might be tricky since you live in the same building.

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I'm not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.

The cops may think it's not worth their time or the public's money to arrest someone for smoking a joint in their home.

You may be looking at this from the wrong angle. Did you mention to the police that you'd complained about criminal activity in the building and he ignored you? Is there a record of that? Take a look at renter's rights in your state. There are conditions under which you can withhold your rent without fear of eviction until your landlord acts on your complaint. Be very careful about this, and be polite to your landlord. Know your rights, then tell your landlord you don't want to have to exercise them. See what happens.

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#412511 - 02/14/10 07:18 PM Re: Advice Please. [Re: Unknown]
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It seems like the cops didn't care much about the weed smoking. Sounds similar to how it is in the city that I live in. I hear it is only illegal if you sell it, and you can have a certain amount as long as it doesn't exceed some limit. That's how it is here anyway.

"Of course survival as my priority I may do just that even though it is quite difficult."

Yes, survival is most important. Since you probably don't want to make enemies and you mentioned the element of possible danger, the wisest thing to do might be to move. If the smell really bothers you that much (seems like it does), moving sounds reasonable to me.

#412512 - 02/14/10 07:41 PM Re: Advice Please. [Re: fire_vixen]
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Call the cops again. Tell them you have complained numerous times about this incident in the past.

If the guy does attempt to fight you, (sounds like a burned out low life to me, so I would doubt it.) you have grounds for an assault charge in addition to the drug possession and use charges. (which I doubt the cops would ignore.)

So call the cops, keep a bat by the door. wink
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#412515 - 02/14/10 07:56 PM Talk to an attorney. [Re: Unknown]
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And then follow his advice.

You need professional advice, not amateur opinions.

#412530 - 02/14/10 10:11 PM Re: Talk to an attorney. [Re: Nemo]
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Thank you.

I will be making a few phone calls tomorrow morning.

I do give my thanks for those who did take the time to write a response as well.


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