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#41283 - 05/22/04 11:05 PM Grotto membership security
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How secure is it when you join a grotto?
I recognize it is a broad question, but does the Church have an official stance on the list of those in any particular grotto, and to its security from being made public?
I realize that this could be a tricky question, but I think new or possible members need to know all possible risks that occur, if let us say their names were revealed publicly or to their place of employment, by the Christian zealots....this has gotten to be a favored tactic of theirs to attack adult book stores and pagan groups..well at least in Texas.

#41284 - 05/22/04 11:22 PM Re: Grotto membership security [Re: jon_wolf]
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The Church of Satan does not reveal membership names to the public. By extension, your involvement in Grotto activities will also not be reported to any outside party. If chosen by the respective Grotto Master for involvement, your level of personal security is kept in mind and respected by this organization. As an added measure of security, you should inform Central Grotto of your extended concerns for personal information security and that you don't want to go "public," and you will be considered in kind. Confidentiality is taken very seriously by the Church of Satan. If you have any additional questions, you should direct them to Magistra Nadramia, a member of this board.

Of course, this is all reliant upon you actually joining. There are no guarantees from any of us that your membership to this board -- a very distinct and totally removed thing from membership to the CoS -- is entirely free of outside browsing.
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#41285 - 05/22/04 11:28 PM Thanks [Re: MagisterParadise]
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I appreciate your patience with my questions, and your attentive responses. In fact what you said, has set my mind at ease with the question. I rather imagined it to be the case but just wanted to confirm it.

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