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#41286 - 05/22/04 11:35 PM Another dumbass question
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Quickly. How secure is paypal for sending my payment for membership? Have there ever been any issues with this in the past? I like the ease of electronic payment, but there is some unknown clown on the other end who has you pegged.
I probably will opt to go snail mail in any case...
No big deal but have you ever had security issues with paypal?
I mean this it is a serious question.

#41287 - 05/22/04 11:53 PM Re: Another dumbass question [Re: jon_wolf]
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I have offered PayPal as a payment option for my media company for years now, and have had no problems whatsoever with information security or errors in debiting. From my experience, however, I am infinitely more receptive to payments coming from customers who are both Confirmed and Verified with PayPal, simply because I do not wish to incur bounceback or the fees that come with it. I would assume that the Church of Satan's central office has these same concerns.
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#41288 - 05/23/04 12:59 AM OK [Re: MagisterParadise]
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Thank you again sir for the response. Not all of my interactions with them personally totally convince me that they are beyond reproach, but again, you have dealt with them in relation to the commodity you are selling, and you seem convinced.

Fair enough, and thanx

#41289 - 05/23/04 01:31 AM Re: OK [Re: jon_wolf]
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I have also used Paypal for business purposes, and I have to say, I far prefer it to the US mail. You can put a stamp on something and send it into outer space, hoping that it reaches its destination, or you can press a key and know that your payment was received instantly. Just another 2 cents.

However, you should note that your official membership response from the CoS will NOT be instantaneous.

Contemporary culture is generally disposable. People are used to instant gratification these days, and want everything yesterday. A wise man once said to me that...' we want to put the brakes on all of that'.

Membership in the CoS is not an impulse buy. The CoS wants people to think about what they're doing, and take it seriously. Your membership will be handled, but it will be handled slowly. If you want to get your decoder ring and start going to grotto meetings right away, you'll be disappointed. If you are a Satanist, you will live as you have always lived, and enjoy your membership as one of life's little pleasures when it arrives and thereafter.


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