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#413631 - 02/23/10 10:23 AM Would you cut out that racket??
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***Warning: Rant Below***

This is beyond a pet peeve. This is something that irritates me to sky-high degree. You could be an overall great person and I may even like you, but that will all end the minute you start behaving like a Neanderthal.

I do not know if people do this to feel alive, if they do not percieve themselves or if they are all down-right lacking in manners.

Example: John goes to the kitchen to prepare his meal, whilst preparing his meal he makes loud noises with everything in the kitchen. He slams the fridge's door shut, then he does the same with the microwave's door, he slams the cuppboards doors even louder, the drawers, he bangs the pots on the stove, the plates on the counter, sounding like the Tasmanian Devil making dinner... Then you hear a minute of silence but before you can let out a sigh of relief appretiating that all's back to normal, John reminds you that it is not time for a sigh of relief yet, as now he will begin eating.

To eat John will bang and scrape his knife and fork on his plate like a statement, it is like he wants to announce to the world that it is now his dinner time.

It makes me even more disgusted to see this when it is Mary doing it. That because I expect women to be more delicate than men.

Don't get me wrong, it is natural to make noise with things as going about the day, closing the microwave's door does make a sound, but slamming makes another...

Some people seem to be loud with everything they do, almost like they need to constantly hear themselves in order to feel alive. Or they're just plain rude.

End of rant. Any thoughts on the matter, advice on dealing with the matter, would be greatly received.
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#413639 - 02/23/10 10:56 AM Re: Would you cut out that racket?? [Re: SINClair]
Spelled Moon

This is not meant as excuse, but people perceive sounds variously.

As the best solution I see, is to kindly ask person to be a bit gentlier in handling things during his kitcheny adventures. smile And explain, that it slightly disturbs you; that you sense it as very loud.

#413640 - 02/23/10 11:18 AM Re: Would you cut out that racket?? [Re: ]
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I can relate. My apartment has very thin walls, my stepfather lives with us; he is also one of them "as close as you can ge to pureblood" Italian: he is racist, sexist, and, while being intelligent, is overly arrogant. If you have no Italian in you, you aren't human. If he doesn't like something, it is total bullshit.

Anywho, he is on a diet because of his diabetes and his dialysis.

He doesn't sleep well so he wakes up at 2 or 3 in the morning and proceeds to bang the toaster against the counter as to make all the crubs fall out, which he then eats. He will also bang the cutlery drawer and the cabinets. All the while, he will be hacking up phlem and spitting it into the sink, which he turns the water up full blast so that everyone and their grandma can hear.

It is highly annoying, as nothing you say to him helps, even asking politely he will tell you to fuck off. Yet if someone else makes the slightest sound, he starts hollaring and screaming.

Anywho, I am happy to report that my wife and I will soon be moving out and into our own place.

This is been a de-steaming brought to you by SomethingLikEvil.
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#413641 - 02/23/10 12:36 PM Re: Would you cut out that racket?? [Re: SomethingLikEvil]
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I know a guy that, upon entering a room, will turn on every light even if someone is asleep. He will then proceed to vocally announce every action he is going to do as he does it, and when he performs said actions, he does them as loudly as possible. He will then play his headphones so loud that they essentially become stereo’s. He listens to them for hours, and then finally decides to go to sleep. That, and he constantly gets texts on his phone during the night and has its volume set to full blast all the time. It makes being in the same area very annoying.
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#413643 - 02/23/10 12:49 PM Re: Would you cut out that racket?? [Re: SINClair]
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Earplugs or go to a month of non-stop metal shows.
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#413650 - 02/23/10 01:22 PM Re: Would you cut out that racket?? [Re: SINClair]
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I can relate to this,somewhat.

However,it is the noise of someone who eats with their mouth open. zombie

I can't stand it.

However,her and I are both the type of people who don't mind confrontation,so a quick, "Hey,would you mind chewing with your fucking mouth closed?" usually does the trick,or at least pisses them off enough to leave.

I think in some cases people are so starved for attention,that they will perform any action just to get it.And they don't care if it is good or bad attention.Any at all will suffice.
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#413666 - 02/23/10 04:41 PM Re: Would you cut out that racket?? [Re: SINClair]
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Styrofoam plates and plastic-ware should alleviate some of the noise. You could even be more humorous about it, and pad everything: John or Mary will naturally ask, and then you can make light of all the noise he or she makes. I imagine this joke would be mildly annoying to John or Mary, but maybe he or she will be more conscientious of the noise thereafter.

You can also tape record it and play it to John or Mary later when he or she is trying to relax, or would least expect it. Someone I know has a nerve-wracking teeth grinding problem, but dismissed it as "not that bad". That is, until that person's Window's Logon Sound was five minutes of tape recorded teeth grinding. It naturally ruffled this person's feathers a bit, but the point came across in the end.

Or, instead, you can take the "correct myself instead of everyone else" approach and use foam earplugs.

#413671 - 02/23/10 05:12 PM Re: Would you cut out that racket?? [Re: ]
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Some people are indeed more sensitive than others, but I'm sure most people can tell a whisper from a scream, for instance... Slams and bangs are loud by nature.

This kind of loud people are loud everywhere, not just in the kitchen.

In the bathroom they will slam the toilet seat as well. In the bedroom they will slam the wardrobe's door too.

Confrontation though? Out of question. Sometimes they are being loud in their own lair for one, and I'm the guest, so not my place.

In any case I can't change them all or expect them all to change as it's not gonna happen. Solution would have to be about me adapting or avoiding these things. So far the ear-plugs suggestion seems the most applicable.
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