"From Satan to Sabbath: The Metal Interviews (2000-2009)"
by Warlock Joel Gausten

People who started from nothing, worked to make things happen, and either stayed on top or fell by the wayside. Metal musicians who had their dreams. Some came to a full bloom, some withered slowly before they grew, others came to an abrupt halt, and a few took a backseat and flow at their own working pace. All had different goals, but were on similar paths to leave their mark in the world.....

Certainly makes great material for interviews.

Coming off the heels of his previous book "Words From the Third Side: Sex, Satan, and Success", Warlock Joel Gausten quickly returns with "From Satan to Sabbath: The Metal Interviews (2000-2009). Only this time, you won't find a collection of essays which are directed related to the Church of Satan, or his own applications of Satanism.

You will find, however, a worthy collection of solid, in-depth interviews with some of Metal's great musicians. From the well known (Bill Ward, Mikael Akerfeldt, Eric Singer) to the more obscure (Rick Dufay, Nic Bullen), there's plenty of very entertaining, insightful, and informative content one can find within.

Those who aren't from the old school of Heavy Metal (i.e. those who have been raised in the new generation of Metal) might not "get" it. But I'm certain that those who have either been around for many years, or those who enjoy digging deeper into the more overlooked names and aspects of the genre will enjoy this collection.

Each interview is accompanied with a short introduction which contains some backstories and notable facts pertaining to the artists. The questions are thoughtful and avoid stale redundancy. And many of the interviewees didn't pull any punches or sugar-coat any of their answers to refrain from appearing harsh or potentially offending the reader.

Many of the interviews focus on the experiences of the musicians in their respective bands and projects, their personal history as to what led them to where they got, their hard knocks, and their valuable tips and insights to anyone thinking of "playing with the sharks" of the music industry.

Regardless of whether I ultimately agreed or disagreed with the perspective of each of those being interviewed, or of whether I found certain interviews more fascinating and informative than the others (I wish the Mikael Akerfeldt interview was longer. Then again, it's probably because I'm biased being the huge fan of Opeth that I am), I definitely took into account that these people were all telling it like it is from top to bottom. My personal favorites are the interviews with Rick Dufay, Bill Ward, Tommy Victor, Troy Gregory, Dave Ingram (who shares a bit of his own experiences with the Church of Satan), and Dan Lorenzo.

I won't spill details of the content inside, because I think you should check it out for yourself. If you're looking for a sequel to "Words From the Third Side", you won't find it here. If, however, you're interested in a book that depicts some well-conducted interviews on some very interesting characters in Heavy Metal, then look no further than "From Satan to Sabbath".