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#417741 - 04/04/10 05:46 AM Attention user Bobbi [Re: Mason_Rust]
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Originally Posted By: Mason_Rust
True Satanists tend to be very unique people in the first place. Without even looking at religion, I know that it would take a very open minded person to accept who I am and date me beyond just a sexual relationship. If they are open minded enough to continue a relationship, they are likely to be able to handle knowing about my religion once we have taken the time to get to know and care about each other.

If you reach a point where the person truly cares about you, then your chosen religion shouldn't matter much.

I've only had one serious relationship in the time that I've identified myself as a Satanist. When I first revealed to her what my religion was, she had a bit of a problem with it, mostly due to misconceptions about Satanism. She is fine with the idea now, and a lot of that has to do with her properly understanding what the religion is about. However, something that I think really helped her along the way was pointing out to her that the only person she knew who was a Satanist also happened to be the person she loved most in the world, and that there is little room for coincidence there.

At any rate, it would be important to develop the relationship first, in my opinion. The person is dating you, not your religion. If you get close and care about each other, once again, your religion shouldn't matter. And if it does turn out to be a deal breaker, that person wasn't right for you in the first place (obviously), and you're now free to find one who is.

Love the quote about strawberries...I love them. lol

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#417748 - 04/04/10 06:58 AM Re: She's dating you, not your religion. [Re: Bobbi]
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Moderator notice.

You have posted a reply to a thread.

The post you replied to has been dormant for SIX YEARS.

Look and see how old the post is before you reply - the dates are right there.

Resurrecting threads this old is a violation of board etiquette.

As this is your first offense of this kind I will give you a pass.

Now that you know better, please do not do this again.

And finally, your reply had no meaningful content at all. You simply agreed and ended your post with "lol".

That is technically two violations of board etiquette in one.

1. Resurrecting a dead thread
2. With a content-free non-post.

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