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#418804 - 04/16/10 01:16 PM Re: Lack of perspective [Re: TrojZyr]
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Originally Posted By: TrojZyr

Good luck finding it, though! I had to stalk ebay and Amazon for months before a cheap(er) copy popped up.

But, it was well worth the money and effort, I'd say.

I bought it recently through Amazon at a slightly higher, but not unreasonable price. But it's well worth the money.
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#418890 - 04/17/10 04:55 PM Re: Lack of perspective [Re: MagisterRose]
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Great recommendations and nice avatar! wink
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#418891 - 04/17/10 05:00 PM Re: Lack of perspective [Re: HellofallHells]
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Somehow I thought you might like it.

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#418939 - 04/18/10 09:27 AM Re: Lack of perspective [Re: Skjalandir]
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I've been reading up on a hero of mine: Musashi Miyamoto, lately and tonight I have been studying his practice of Chan Buddhism (known as Zen in Japan and the West).

A particular quote attributed to Bodhidharma (Daruma) struck me as relevant:

Life is falling down seven times, getting up eight.

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#418944 - 04/18/10 10:39 AM Re: Lack of perspective [Re: TECHNO]
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I just read Machiavelli's The Prince. It's essentially an instruction manual on how to rule an empire. Although it focuses on principalities it can relate to just about any other type of government. Recommended if you're a fan of unconventional, unpopular and ruthless morality. Then again, that goes without saying if you're a Satanist.

P.S. - I just ordered African Genesis from the local library. Looking forward to reading it.

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#418988 - 04/18/10 06:20 PM Re: Lack of perspective [Re: MagisterRose]
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If I may, Magister Rose, I would also suggest Frans DeWaal's Our Inner Ape. He picks up where Morris left off, and also has the advantage of several more decades of field research since Morris wrote his wonderful books.

A friend of mine read DeWaal's book and immediately realized why she was having some difficulties with her academic advisor for her PhD program -- she adjusted her behavior accordingly, with excellent results!

In addition, I would recommend to the original poster The Art of Rational Living by Albert Ellis.

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#419057 - 04/19/10 06:41 PM Re: Lack of perspective [Re: Isabel23]
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One thing I love about this forum is that I constantly add books to my "to read" list. smile
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#419156 - 04/20/10 05:51 PM Re: Lack of perspective [Re: M.D. Roche]
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Originally Posted By: M.D. Roche
Speaking of literature, here's a question I've been meaning to ask for a while:

Dr. LaVey always cited Mark Twain as a significant influence. Which of his works particularly relate to Satanism? Letters from the Earth, perhaps? I imagine he wasn't talking about Tom Sawyer or Huckelberry Finn, though I may be wrong.

I found Tom Sawyer to be one of Mark Twain's books that reflected Satanic philosophy the clearest.

Tom Sawyer is all about the application of Lesser Magic, the difference between being born and not made a Satanist, or defacto Satanist, how to use religion instead of being controlled by it... It is a book that illustrates very well how an innate Satanic individual can make the world of sheep their playground. Perhaps you haven't actually read the book throughout? The Satanic tone of it is hard to go amiss.
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#419167 - 04/20/10 06:28 PM Re: Lack of perspective [Re: Skjalandir]
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Hmm. You can get learn about how to apply dicipline from books but motivation is a different story.

Motivation is the will's little sister. If there's will, there'll be motivation, if there's no will, there'll be no motivation.

When there's motivation you can apply dicipline, but when there's no motivation, you can learn in theory all about dicipline but you can't apply it long enough.

It's like a cycle, one thing leading to another, depending on another, and so it goes.

Perhaps you might want to check if there's any of the main ingredient required to cut the mustard... the will to cut the mustard.

Perhaps what you have in stock is the will to cut the catchup instead, or the mayo, or the barbecue sauce... Always best to double check before going and start chopping things in the kitchen. ;-)
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#419256 - 04/21/10 02:59 PM Re: Lack of perspective [Re: Skjalandir]
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Originally Posted By: Skjalandir
I am interested in suggestions of reading material I wouldn’t have thought of or be aware of that can be priceless when it comes to motivation and discipline.

Knut Hamsun! smile

Og - hvis du klarer å finne den: "Verden og geniet" av Jeremi Wasiutinsky.
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