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#421463 - 05/17/10 03:27 PM satanists outside CoS
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Hello. As you can see I am new here, and probably not going to stay here for long as your ideals don't fit my mind which is lazy and opportunistic and which cares little about its own existence. But I have one question out of curiosity.

According to my perception, your preaching (of which I took only a glance so don't get too much pissed off if I show any ignorance) is not genuinely yours, that is - LaVeyan. I mean that I know and heard of many persons who say things that you say not mentioning satan. I'm eager to learn what you call them in your discussions and what you think about them. Do you sometimes call them satanists? Or parhaps you claim to be the only ones who possess this wisdom? Please note that I'm not implying these are the only possibilities.

Another question is about those who call themselves or are called satanists by others and are not part of your church (whose strict definition I don't actually know and don't really need to learn). What are your thoughts about this usage of the term?
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Since you do not care about your own existence, neither do we.

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