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#423499 - 06/09/10 10:22 AM Re: Point Five of Pentagonal Revisionism [Re: I'mPerfecting]
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@imperfecting: heheh "devil music", that's exactly what my mother always called it. (and it wasn't allowed in the house)

I think Nergal(lead singer of Behemoth) would make a very interesting cartoon if the right artist penned it. Might give Nathan Explosion a run for his money. coopdevil
Yes, my private area is riddled with black/death metal items and I'm picking up coloured lights this weekend.

I admit to knowing nothing about manga though (I'm more of a hentai fan! :))
PS: check out the Apocalypse Ponies from Robot Chicken!

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#423533 - 06/09/10 06:40 PM Re: Point Five of Pentagonal Revisionism [Re: Lilibeta]
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I think Nergal would defiantly give Nathan a run for his money. He could be animated by H.R. Giger and the story could be written by Clive Barker as a new chapter of Hellraiser where the Cenobites take over earth.

>>((I'm more of a hentai fan! smile )
I love it all!! You can do so much more to a cartoon, than you can do to a real person. LOL grin

P.S. you missed my favorite Pony link
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#423571 - 06/10/10 04:18 AM Re: Point Five of Pentagonal Revisionism [Re: Tiberius_James]
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You know, I never really thought about it as an environment, but reading about the 80s cartoon nostalgia just made me realize how much "my" room is set in the 80s and early 90s. I have my posters & toys from Labyrinth, The Last Unicorn, and Legend, and most of the decor is very much like I wished my room was when I was a child. I wouldn't want my whole house done that way, but it could be why it is such a nice refuge when I want a break from the day to day adult drudgery.

I still watch some of the old cartoon/kid's movies on occasion, and think many of them were much better than the crap that's on now. It really ticks me off when they take something that was cute and a childhood icon (Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake), and "update" it to try to appeal more to a new generation (which apparently likes their cartoon characters thinner, more grown up, and slightly skanky, rather than just cute).

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