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More of a question relating to occult/magic history rather than directed at the Church of Satan, however since the symbol of the Trapezoid is mentioned and referenced a fair bit in Church of Satan literature, I would like to inquire about the symbol's occult/magical significance in that context.
I've searched and read a fair bit about it's relevance to magical workings, however the most relevant, and really ONLY piece of information always comes back to the "Order of the Trapezoid" which was LaVey's initial group that was formed prior to the Church of Satan.
So I guess my question boils down to... why did LaVey choose this geometrical symbol for his group, and how does this symbol relate to Satanism?


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This is explained in "The Law of the Trapezoid" in Dr. LaVey's book THE DEVIL'S NOTEBOOK.
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Excellent, thank you Magister.
It's been a couple of years since I've read The Devil's Notebook so I've forgotten what's in there.
A great read too, makes perfect sense.
Hail LaVey!


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