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#456704 - 07/26/11 03:29 AM Re: Serial Killers [Re: AdamBomb]
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Originally Posted By: AdamBomb
The ice man was interesting with how he had in him a genetic trait that could have easily made him into a heroic character. He had this risk-taking adrenaline craving mentality which could have made him into a fireman or a police officer, but unfortunately turned him into the opposite. Heroes and villains are in no doubt opposites, but have the same traits when it comes to taking risks and being attracted to an adrenaline rush.
It's very interesting material - things like the similarities between good and evil, genius and insanity.

The way I look at it and probably people in general, we are all products of our environment. Evil lives is in us all just like cancer. Something in your life triggers it. You may smoke all your life and never get cancer - not highly possible and also not smoke a cigarette your whole life and still get it. So you can have a serial killer with a great child hood and still have a possibility of snapping.

A comedian mentioned this, and I think it was Larry David, in his stand up about religion and how you get people that are good all their lives, follow the rules, read a Holy Bible everyday, and then go out on top of building and start sniping people randomly. I think he would be referring to that Texas shooter back in the 60s.

So a bad childhood, statistically, increases the chances of a child to become a serial killer, but doesn't guarantee as does with a good childhood.

I agree with your thoughts here, because I think that even the strongest of us can fall.

Maybe love is the key?!(The love we feel for ourselves, and the ones we choose to be close to in our life)- if the love is strong enough then maybe that will give us the strength to manage all kinds of problems and stress.

Yes, this may sound naive to some, but not everything has to be complicated, sometimes the answer is very simple.

This simplicity will be very complicated for some creatures, and easy for others.

#456845 - 07/27/11 11:49 PM Re: Serial Killers [Re: LightAngel]
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I remember years back there was a killer with a .22 firearm that killed a number of people in the CSU Fullerton library some years back, and like Manson he is still alive today and occasionally comes up for parole but is denied every time.

The serial killers I find interesting is those that dress up such as the guy that dressed up as Santa Claus and killed a number of people on Christmas eve, and just lately the guy that killed all those people in Norway dressed as a police officer. There are fictional ones as well such as the guy in ConAir, he was the most interesting person in the movie.

There is one thing that I really enjoy seeing in people and that is creativity, and creativity can have either positive benefits to the world, or negative. However both are interesting. Not everyone can be a Thomas Edison, some are like Robert Othmer and build bombs, and others like to get their hands messy.
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result - Ben Franklin

#456909 - 07/29/11 08:19 AM Serial Killers on I-80 Nevada [Re: LightAngel]
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