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I have been reading a lot of Anton LaVey's work, and after reading it, I consider myself a Satanist, I have been thinking about applying for a Registered Membership for awhile now, but I was wondering about how long the process of it takes. I don't really mind the wait in general, but see I am in the military and my address changes from time to time, would it be possible to apply for a Registered Membership, even though my address changes sometimes.
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The waiting time varies, depending on how swamped the administrative staff might be at the time of mailing. Keep in mind that there's no shortage of letters from devil-worshiping weirdos that have to be sifted through. On average, it might be a few months.

As for your moving, you can join so long as you have a mailing address that COS Central can send a confirmation letter to. You can always update your address with them later on. If you find yourself without a permanent address as of late, you may want to consider getting a P.O. Box if you don't have one already. I have one myself, because I like keeping my home address anonymous from people I do on-line trading with, and it's more secure than leaving stuff at my door.
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Thank you for your question.

It has been asked (and answered) many times before, and the answer remains the same. Generally speaking, it is best to obtain a stable mailing address somehow that will remain the same for however long you anticipate your address might have to change.

Then apply for Registered Membership with that address, and be patient.

This approach greatly simplifies things for Central Administration and is appreciated.

Additionally, requesting (possibly multiple) changes to the address that reply mail is sent to, while your application is in queue, may result in delays in processing your application.

And everything Reverend Bill M said.
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