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#426747 - 07/17/10 12:18 PM "Shemhamforash" and "Ave Satanas"
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These two phrases which LaVey wrote into the Satanic Bible and in the rituals...I've read a little online, and from my friend, that there are problems with them.

First off, I should clarify that I do perform rituals using the formats, and the specific beginning/end texts in the rituals from the Book of Leviathin; I find they work and these phrases are invigorating and useful to me regardless of what they mean.

But, with shemhamforash...doesn't that mean "praise God" basically in yiddish? It's definitely of Hebrew origin of what I've read, (yes as is the "leviathin" circling the Sigil of Baphomet as we know) and LaVey seems to have drawn from that language a lot. just seems odd to use in Satanic greeting and ritual. It does sound "cool" to me, to put it simply, but I'm pretty sure it means "praise God" basically...anyone with a better understanding of arcane language stuff like this care to clarify?

And then "Ave Satanas." My friend has a minor degree in Latin, and says that it would be proper for it to say "Ave Satana." Again it's not a major issue as to the flow of the rituals and aesthetics of the religion, I'm just linguistically curious on this.

Thank you!

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#426784 - 07/17/10 09:19 PM Re: "Shemhamforash" and "Ave Satanas" [Re: LKRice]
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Thank you. smile


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