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#42958 - 06/03/04 07:32 PM Confused on joining
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Iíve read virtually all of LaVeyís writings and every square inch of the CoS website. Iíve concluded my outlook on life is very satanic. However Iím currently in a predicament with my career and seem to be very indecisive of what I want to do with my life. This indecisiveness to me is very unsatanic. Iím not suggesting Satanists never feel this way from time to time but this lack of focus is making me wonder if it will be hypocritical for me to join the Church and seek active membership. I just think Satanists have a ďdynamicĒ that Iím feeling a loss for right now. Am I correct in my assumption and shouldnít join and seek active membership or have I overlooked something? After all ďto try is to lie.Ē Your input is appreciated.
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#42959 - 06/03/04 08:51 PM Re: Confused on joining [Re: Mars]
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You are not what you do or what you fail to do.

If you are a Satanist that amounts to feeling inevitably drawn to our perspective as codified and defined by our Founder, Anton Szandor LaVey.

Ups and downs happen. That's life.

If you wish to surf them you have come to the right place.

Identity is not utility.

Don't try to be what you do.

Be your own God.

Gods also have a better crack at discovering and achieving what they desire.


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