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#429821 - 08/21/10 10:37 AM Essays in Satanism - In Review
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Essays in Satanism by Magister Sass has quickly become one of my favorite books for a myriad of reasons, the most important being its simple presentation of undefiled wisdom.

The ideas presented in this book are NOT simplistic, and I don't mean to mislead in my above statement. I liken it to a time when I had studied the works of some of the master painters of the turn of the century. Many of those artists are known only for their work in cubism and/or simplification of form and function. What most don't realize is that these same artists already could paint in a photo realistic way but chose instead to simplify and create in that vein. In other words, they were already masters and well aware of shortcomings and pitfalls before they started in the style that made them famous.

To me, Magister Sass's tome is like that. He's obviously one of the best read people I've ever encountered (web & print - never in person) and could choose at any time to speak above the heads of most. What's included in this book though is an underlying theme of simplicity. Magister Sass points out precisely this in a few instances where he discusses the Satanic Bible. It is steeped in the best of the past and present and is boiled down to a relevant and concise work that will likely ever stand the test of time. Magister Sass provides 'we the reader' with the same type of experience. It's a compendium of his acquired wisdom, based on all that he's read and experienced in concise bite sized pieces.

I had said somewhere before that I wish I had not waited so long to read this book, but in retrospect I am glad that I did. In my time studying Satanism I was once much like the Jack Skellington character in Nightmare Before Christmas trying to figure out the meaning of everything. I went down many a rat-hole researching magical systems of the past, occult personalities, magical organizations, the history of Satanism etc. and now that I approach this book with that foundation I can see that Magister Sass has already been where I've been and then some. I don't mean to suggest that anyone should discard self educating on the topics above and replace that foundation with this book. Instead, I see Essays in Satanism as the perfect capstone on top of that foundation.

Essays in Satanism, beyond all of the above, is also chock full of "where the rubber hits the road" type practical advice and wisdom. Many a tome in just practical matters such as self defense and security are mostly chaff with a little wheat mixed in. This book is all wheat on subjects ranging from film to ethics to self defense to magic and all in the context of how it relates to Satanism.

This rather long winded review boils down to one simple idea. This book is an absolute must read. I didn't even end that sentence with "for Satanists" because anyone walking the planet with a functioning brain would do well to put this information into practice.

OK, back to studying for me.

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Thanks for the kind words. Glad you found something of interest in the book.

Sorry for the late reply, I don't read in the public forums often!
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I tried sending you a PM Magister Svengali. I noticed your book is on I was curious how the publishing process went through Lulu and about how much it cost for you to publish it. I was going to try to possibly get a book self published through Lulu.
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Nice review, I ordered myself a copy when it came out and it may be one of my favorite books to read based on what I call pure reading enjoyment because of the wide range of topics and Magister Sass' blunt, no bullshit style of writing. One has to love Essays with titles like "The Dalai Lama is an Asshole", "Crack whore Charm School", and "Thankfully they are Dead."... how could you not?

A question for Magister Sass Please note that I would have asked in a Private Message but your inbox is full and I couldn't think of any other way.

Will you be coming out with another book any time soon and if so, what type of content are you working towards? Will the next book be covering one subject or will you have another collection of Essays like the first volume?
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That's all right Sir, particularly since I've just now gotten around to seeing your reply smile.

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A book I have not aquired yet.

Your review has me very intrigued.

Sounds like a book worth owning.
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