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#431153 - 09/05/10 05:09 AM Kindness to those who deserve it...
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The usual labels will most likely follow including "newfag", "rules 1 & 2", however forgetting that for a while I thought I'd post up a truly Satanic moment in the ever questing logic and barbarism that is 4chan /b/'s... "Culture Jamming" - as sociologists like to call it.

On September 1st 2010, a lonely WW2 vet in a retirement home sent out a flyer to his family and friends (whose numbers were minimal) kindly asking people to attend his 90th birthday.

The information was picked up by Anonymous and the following happened:


"Anonymous is only heartless to those that deserve it.

Those deserving of cruelty in the eyes of anonymous are different than those deserving in the eyes of the general public, but the general public is blinded by political correctness and pandering to hysterical concerned parents.

At its heart, Anonymous has clear, unpolluted logic that is tough to find otherwise"


It is moments like this that put my 'Faith' in humanity.
Not religion, not a 'Good Guy Badge', but Kindness to those who deserve it, instead of love wasted on ingrates.

Hail Satan!!!

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#431162 - 09/05/10 06:56 AM Re: Kindness to those who deserve it... [Re: MoongleMoose]
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I saw this yesterday on, and it made my freakin' day.

As I was reading the entry I was at first incredibly worried that those hackers on steroids were up to their usual trolling doucebaggery.

But did this happen from 4chan??
I mean, yeah they had Project Chanology (the trolling and protest of Church of Scientology, some of it IRL) but something actually NICE and personal like this.

Ah, as evil as the Internet is, sometimes it surprises you.


But no really, this was a cool story. Also reminds me of the fact that all the WII vets are dying off so great uncle, 94, died last year, he was a medic in Europe, went from Normandy all the way into western Germany. I believe there are about...3 million WWII vets in the US, I wanna say, and the median age is 84. Meaning by the time mine kids are old enough to remember, WWII vets will be like how Civil War vets were in the 1940s, when there only a handful left.
We need immortality treatments sooner. smirk

#431831 - 09/12/10 11:57 AM Re: Kindness to those who deserve it... [Re: MoongleMoose]
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Say what we will about 4chan and /b/tards, but as a collective cesspool of chaos, sometimes something commendably will bubble up to the surface.

As the saying goes "+1000 internets to yoouz people"

as a side thought;
I wonder If the old gentleman has looked into what 4chan and anonymous is, or what else they tend to get up to normally.


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