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#432361 - 09/17/10 07:09 PM Moving up Ranks
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I've read that in the Church of Satan in order to move up ranks you have to be able to accomplish real world ends. How does the Church of Satan determine this in each individual? Does the Church of Satan give the individual certain tasks or does the individual report back their accomplishments?
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#432366 - 09/17/10 08:34 PM Re: Moving up Ranks [Re: Lamar Drummer]
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Today, we maintain our traditional degrees, but these should not be seen as “initiatory steps” which are expected of our members. The Church of Satan is not an initiatory organization. It is our position that, for those with awareness, by living fully you will have plenty of authentic initiatory experiences through the many avenues you explore, hence there is no need for such artificial posturing in our Church. In fact, no member is required to move beyond Registered Membership. The First Degree denoting Active Membership is only for members who seek more involvement with the organization and other local members. The remaining degrees (from the Second through the Fifth) are not open to application or to request. Our specific standards for them will not be publicly released. The administration watches the progress of qualified members, and may choose to grant recognition to outstanding individuals based on demonstrated excellence in the understanding and communication of Satanic Theory, coupled with significant potent practices in the arena of the real world which have produced superior achievements. People naturally and quite organically rise to particular levels, and we may take note at our discretion. This is meritocracy at work. So, if you are so inclined, keep us updated on your accomplishments so that your progress may be noted.

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Magister Nemo's pointers should really be self evident.

However, to people new to our concept on this matter I usually point out that a member of the CoS may well be a successful millionaire.

He or she could also have built a model railway in their attic, recognised by the Model Railway Club of America as one of the most spectacular in the state of Alabama!

It is about personal achievement through the pursuit of one's goals.

I would also add that any wealthy member of the CoS I can think of has acieved their wealth through this method - money merely being a consequence of their passion, rather than them being a corporate drone.

Many here will have seen me quote the man before but I think the statement below nicely summates the issue:

"A person whose genius or other predilection is contributory to the develpment of any science, art, philosophy or religion as a lifework, having accepted his mission and administered it for the world's weal and his own happiness - he is a world worker."

~ Dr. Elmer Gates (1853 - 1923)

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