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#434459 - 10/07/10 01:18 PM Re: Inside the Church of Satan now Available [Re: Zaftig]
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I really would like to see a documentary done by a member of the Church of Satan. I know we have The Devil's Mass and Speak of the Devil. It would be pretty neat to see someone walk through part of Magister Rex's ritual chamber or art gallery. Though I did hear rumors he's going to have his own documentary. I also think that it would take a Satanist to make a great documentary about Satanists. Just my opinion.

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#434517 - 10/08/10 01:18 AM Re: Inside the Church of Satan now Available [Re: Zaftig]
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For example, Warren seemed incredulous that Magister Harris refused to consider a "Satanic" world, or mass conversion, or what a world would be like if only Satanists existed on the planet. Harris refuses the notion because it's completely counter to the Satanic worldview. Warren presses him because he doesn't understand why a religion does not have such an evangelical worldview; he assumes that we would naturally.

Another example is the interview with Christopher Mealie and Stephanie Crabe. Warren, again, seems unconvinced that Mealie and Crabe are monogamous, and you can hear the doubt in his voice. Mealie dealt with this in biting humour.

I just thought that I'd offer how I have sensed those parts of interviews. smile I can not know how it was meant, but...

When Joshua Warren was showing his 'doubt' about certain responses, to me it appeared as having an intention between lines, meaning "Please, repeat it for a viewer once again, so he clearly understands what you are saying".

Because, when one knows how 'common men' cluelessly misinterpret Satanism, it seems that certain things (everything?) need to be emphasized...

#434546 - 10/08/10 07:30 AM Re: Inside the Church of Satan now Available [Re: ]
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That is certainly a possibility. It's not how I understood it, but plausible nonetheless.

My criticism of the psychic and nude girlfriend still stands! wink

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