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#435356 - 10/17/10 08:47 AM Re: You have got to be kidding me... [Re: Shade]
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Thanks Shade. Glad you enjoyed it. grin

#435357 - 10/17/10 08:53 AM Re: You have got to be kidding me... [Re: anna]
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Uhm, anna, no one is taking it seriously, I suspect that's why it was posted in the first place.

Furthermore, I have to applaud the ingenuity this guy is showing. He's created a product that allows a specific group to experience their own delusions in the form of their morning breakfast. Hell, maybe it is a miracle. Atleast now Jesus is ACTUALLY capable of feeding the masses.

And that's turning a frown upside-down.

#435368 - 10/17/10 12:16 PM Re: You have got to be kidding me... [Re: anna]
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Originally Posted By: anna

A childish idea but the guy knows how to make money without too much effort.

I can assure you that, if I achieve excessive amounts of profits from this product, a good portion of those proceeds will go to social causes and the implementation of a viable business model for selling custom toasters in the future. The later will create living wage jobs in northeast Vermont where I live.

You have to believe strongly in miracles to treat that seriously.

The guy is mocking a bunch of retards who think that "miracles" come in the form of edible food products. It's a shame anyone believes in miracles of any kind whatsoever, but the fact that there are some specific individuals who think that their God likes to show up on toast is EXTRA laughable, and SHOULD be mocked to the nth degree.

#435843 - 10/21/10 08:30 PM Re: You have got to be kidding me... [Re: Bruja]
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I like my title Bruja. The wolf has been hit on the noise, put in the dog house and chained down. Never-the-less a lesson learned. So, what did this Satanist learn? No matter who you are, there will always be someone with some type of authority over you.

Here on this board, you have it over me. I have reasoned with myself. I have some on this board that is in some way connected to me. This board is a way that I communicate with them. Therefore I must comply with the board’s rules.

My argument concerning Anna has not changed. However what will change is how I should deal with CoS members and higher. It would have been best to have used the PM. I will do it in the future if possible.

It is good to see that Anna is still here. I hope that she has gotten a better understanding of Satanism. Learning is continuous. As a Satanist, we live we learn. Whether on this board or not, “I AM.” Thank you for the time out Bruja. HS!
"Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than
those that walk on all-fours, who, because of his "divine spiritual and intellectual
development", has become the most vicious animal of all!"...Dr. La Vey

#435845 - 10/21/10 08:47 PM Re: You have got to be kidding me... [Re: anna]
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But in such a huge community problems do happen and it is not so easy to solve them.

When incidents of sexual abuse became known to the Catholic Church, they took steps to cover it up, and reassigned offenders to positions of authority in new congregations unaware of their crimes, where it is reasonable to assume they would be trusted with children again. So the issue is not just that the Church didn't solve the problem. It's that the Church was part of the problem.

Another option available to them would have been to defrock the offenders, and turn them in to local law enforcement. They typically declined to do so, and we can hold them responsible for that. It goes way beyond a mere oversight or misjudgment of character.

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#435972 - 10/23/10 03:17 AM Re: You have got to be kidding me... [Re: Zsche]
Spelled Moon

How about creating holy appearances in usual things and selling them through e-bay?

Smells like good business. coopdevil

Edit: I see I should have read this thread further before posting my very original idea. blush wink

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