Being infatuated with Slavic mythology I wanted to write a ceremony for the Solstice wrapped around Marzanna - the personification of death and winter. This is only the rough draft and is subject to change. It requires a Priest and the woman serving as altar, though if performed solitary the Priest will assume all gestures himself, or perhaps construct a life size effigy. A side note: the Sigil of Marzanna is a sigil that I created for personal rituals involving Her. You may omit it in this rite.

December 21st marks the winter Solstice in which Marzanna is welcomed and invoked, being the personification of death and winter. Winter is not deemed as something to dread or despise but to welcome as the epitome of Marzanna and being symbolic of a sort of Ragnarok, a transition of seasons, change, personal affairs, and to welcome the winter Goddess. She is glorified in union with Chernobog her consort and husband of the Abyss. As expressed above, one must observe all of the symbolism taking place: transition, change, personal matters, death (viewed as a foundation from which to build anew), remembrance and reflection, symbolic of past sorrows personified by winter, symbolic of destroying the mask of fear, and declaring the reign of Marzanna.

An effigy of Morena may be made and hung up on the altar. After the ceremony the effigy may be safeguarded until spring and burned as in old Slavic traditions. The burning of Marzanna in the springtime is not viewed here as the symbolic destruction of the goddess per se but rather, showing transition of winter into spring – the fading of Her wile, changing of the seasons etc. Her Sigil may be put up by the Sigil of Baphomet as well as/in addition to painting it onto the effigy. All other images and trappings conducive to Morena and Chernobog may be implemented. Participants should wear red, black, or dark blue robes with faceless hoods or masks if requested. The ceremony should ideally take place at midnight before the Solstice i.e., December 20th at midnight. After the invocation the altar woman (or Priest if no altar is used) will act as the winter Goddess in Drawing Down the Moon. In the Pagan version of Drawing Down the Moon the Goddess that is invoked is Hecate. This is relevant here, as Marzanna has been equated with Hecate. The purpose of drawing down the Goddess in this rite is to celebrate Her wintry reign and to invoke Her within the Self, just as all other archetypes in previous Demonic Workings. Another phenomenon taking place is the full moon, which is full of the power of Morena and therefore a fertile time to invoke her power and attributes.

The Celebrant pours an elixir of his liking into the chalice and presents it to the altar and partakes. If masks or faceless hoods are worn the face should not be concealed until after the opening invocation. If the altar woman is used she is in the Bast Enthroned position. If the altar woman is not used then the Priest assumes all the positions.
“The night is still and scant with fearful reasoning. Tonight the remainder of the herd slumbers in waning peace in their soon-to-be shaken dreams. The moon is full and is filled with the witchcraft of Morena, waiting to strike the houses with Her infirmities, taking away their breath, pressing the chest. For the fearful: She will eat the young and inflict the rest. For the fearful: Her curse descends upon them down from the full moon. Slava Morena! The winter night – it grows powerful and yearns under the guile of Marzanna. Chernobog gathers in the wintry twilight from His skull-throne, beckoning his Divine lover at the rays of the moon. Slava Tchortu! They join together once more in Infernal Union and herald the Solstice this night. Now it is the morning of magic, it is the morning of lore; it is the season of change and of death, and of rebirth. It is the season of remembrance and reflection – the time of memorializing death and sorrows. Marzanna will have Her reign and will have Her vengeance upon cowards, destroying the mask of fear! Come now, reign Marzanna, leading us in this Age of Fire!”

Drawing Down the Power of the Moon

At this time all masks and faceless hoods will cover the face except for the Priest and the altar. The Priest will take the altar woman by the hand and position her so that she is standing facing the Sigil of Baphomet and the effigy or Sigil of Marzanna.

If the altar is used the Priest now takes her by the hand and positions her facing the Sigil of Baphomet. She crosses her wrists to her breasts. The Priest stands in front of her and speaks. “Morena, Queen of frigid night, cast your rays on us and take reign. With your silver beam unlock the gates of dream. Rise within us bright and clear on earth and sky. Morena, secret Queen of power in this twilight, we ask your boon. Hail Morena!”

The Priest now bends down and gives the altar the Five-Fold Kiss. He kisses her on both feet, knees, womb, breasts, and lips, starting with the right side of each pair. As he does this he speaks accordingly: “Blessed be thy feet that have brought thee in these ways. Blessed be thy knees that shall kneel at the sacred altar. Blessed be thy womb, without which we would not be. Blessed be thy breasts, formed in beauty. Blessed be thy lips that shall utter the Sacred Names." For the kiss on the lips they embrace, with both partners feet touching the others and the altars arms spread out wide. Her arms should be spread out also on the kiss of the womb.

After the Five-Fold Kiss the Priest kneels once more and invokes. “I call upon Thee and invoke Thee, Mighty Mother of winter, bringer of death and therefore rebirth by the Solstice. By this hour of transition, by this season of change, by past sorrows personified by winter, by the destruction of fear and the declaration of your reign do I invoke Thee to descend upon the body of this, Thy servant and initiate. For we are of the same, true worshippers of the Highest and Ineffable King of Hell.” During this invocation he touches her with his right forefinger on her right breast, left breast, and womb, repeats the set and finally the right breast. Still kneeling, he spreads his arms out and down, with the palms forward and speaks. “Hail Marzanna, from the wintry night in the full moon. Pour out Thy curse to the fearful of mind. I rise up with Thee in the fullness of the winter moon and ascend with your essence. (The Priest now rises up and confronts the altar woman.)”

The Priest now steps backward a bit. The altar draws an inverted pentagram in the air and speaks. “Of the Mother darksome and divine, Mine the scrounge and Mine the kiss, the five pointed star of Lex Talionis, here I charge Thee in this sign.”

The altar woman now speaks the charge of the Goddess. “I am the personification of death and winter incarnate, enshrouded in the coldest night. I am the mystery of the other world and the fear that coils about your heart in the time of your trial. I am the soul of nature that gives form to the universe. My full moon rays give power to the enchanter, to the cunning, and to the predator. My sickle of death cuts away things that are dead and are of no more value. I am the Old Crone of Darkness whose face of death forecasts life anew. Ye who seek to remove my veil and to know my true face, know that all your questioning and efforts are for not, until thy own face knows and beholds the mysteries of thy own self. For you to truly know me, you must look into your own heart and know and accept thy self. For those of you who call upon My powers and Me be ware! For I am swift and without regards to consequences. Those that know Me will glide safely through troubles, for it is my dark cloak of vengeance that is wrapped about you. Close your eyes and call to Me, for I am there, within your Darkness!”

The Priest now shows the Sign of the Horns unto the altar woman and speaks. “We ascend with Morena by the power of the full moon. Be within us Morena. Slava Marzanna! (Everyone responds with Slava Marzanna)”

The Priest pours an elixir and presents it to the altar woman, she partakes and then the Priest drains the chalice. He now takes the altar woman by the hand and sits her back into the Bast Enthroned position and concludes the rite. “By the sign of the full moon light does Marzanna descend unto us and reign once more in Infernal Union with Chernobog. We recognize Her without fear within the Self and ascend as She who devours in the shades of night. Reign now Marzanna! Leading us in this Age of Fire! So it is done! Hail dark Goddess Morena! Hail Chernobog! Hail Satan!”
End of Ritual.


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