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#435603 - 10/20/10 01:14 AM Did I not get the memo.....?
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The "Mutual Admiration Society" is something Anton LaVey touted for years, which was basically a code word for something our parents taught us.

"If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."

Since many COS members spend a lot of their time (myself included) on websites like Facebook and MySpace, putting a public face on Satanism would seem to be a positive goal, not only for the particular person who is posting, but for the Church of Satan as an organization.

Recently I noticed one of our members make a post that another COS member tried to add them as a friend, which is a nice gesture for the most part, the "Satanic friend collector" syndrome notwithstanding. The extended olive branch was met with public mockery, scorn and derision for no reason at all and quickly regressed into a nasty, gossipy and spiteful thread about the COS member who had done nothing at all to warrant this kind of immaturity and hateful wrath.

I thought that was the most childish and mean thing I had seen in a long time from supposed adults, no less the "Alien Elite", especially when there was no reason for it at all.

Did I not get the memo that says that it's all right for "lesser people" in this organization to decide who other "lesser people" are just to inflate their impoverished egos by making other people feel terrible about themselves?

I'm not here to be anyone's Dad or to police anybody, but I will say that as someone who has spent years supporting this organization and the people in it publically and privately, I am absolutely disgusted by the "Satanism By Example" that I see on these sites by a handful of insecure people.

Maybe some of these insecure people should take a good, hard and honest look in the mirror and really evaluate their own importance in the grand scheme of things and wonder if the people that they delight in mocking in public might not have feelings of their own too. Degrading people in a junior high school level creates nothing more than a caste system that looks more like a fanboys bickering at a Star Trek convention. Utterly pathetic in my book.

If someone offers you a friend add and you don't wish to be friends, politely decline it, no explanation needed.

To belittle other COS members in public only succeeds in making yourself look very, very small and shows others in the arena just how little that means.

Grow up.

Reverend Moore

#435626 - 10/20/10 04:47 AM Re: Did I not get the memo.....? [Re: AgentMoore]
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Rev. Moore,

You have touched upon a perspective that I think is sometimes overlooked. My thought has always been that while being a Satanist is congruent with real world accomplishments, it also should be in harmony with how one presents and carries themselves. This has become more and more important over the past years due to the wonders of the internet.

I do not splash my affiliation publicly, but would like to think that if at some point it became beneficial for me to do so, I would have the honor of showing those with misconceptions exactly what we are all about… not because of my haughty bragging or superior attitude, but more because of my priorities, how I live my day to day life and comport myself.

The Church of Satan has an incredibly wide range of personalities, something I admire and am grateful for. It is certain that there are bound to be those among us who we do not gel with. I am passionate and judgmental, and I'd wager many other members share these traits with me. While my qualities serve me well in life, it can also lead to counterproductive behavior if not kept in check. Airing out our grievances against fellow members in an ugly manner on internet sites frequented by the masses does nothing to bring a civilized and classy face to the organization. Not to mention the fact that public bitch fights cheapen us as individuals. There is simply nothing good to be gained from it.

I think that carrying ourselves with dignity, class and pride while wearing the title of Satanist in the world is the real mark of the Elite. The individuals that share this perspective with me are the ones that I choose to surround myself with, give my loyalty to and cherish as members who enrich my life. Though they are few, I love them fiercely. Those that don't share my views will never get those things, nor will they get public flogging…as that takes my time and attention. Instead they get something far more appropriate, they get nothing.

Hail Satan!

"Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't." - Margaret Thatcher

"An inordinate passion for pleasure is the secret of remaining young" - Oscar Wilde

#435628 - 10/20/10 05:16 AM Re: Did I not get the memo.....? [Re: AgentMoore]
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Well said!

I've seen members of other organisations sitting and bitching at each other through online status updates, and it just looks like children throwing their toys out of the pram. It's pathetic. Who'd want to join something where the members can't even get on with each other? (Probably quite a lot of people, but I digress)

People aren't required to like each other, but it isn't the hardest thing in the world to behave in public. In fact, I think it's a required skill, being able to act like an adult when you're in the public domain.

There's no room for damaged egos here. It takes almost no time at all to click a "no" button, and if an explanation is really needed, there are always private messages to explain, rather than public forums to shout on.

Those who can't understand the simple mechanics of behaving in public are almost certainly not worth the time of anyone important.
Hail Satan!
Damien Mocata
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#435645 - 10/20/10 08:26 AM Re: Did I not get the memo.....? [Re: AgentMoore]
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Unless someone completely created or caused a problem that was in fact personal and directed at you, I find it unreasonable to go out of your way to slander that person in the first place.

I will admit that I don't know the full story or backstory (if there was one) of what had actually happened in this particular case. For all I know, it could have been justified or well deserved.

But even if it was completely justified and well deserved, it's STILL pretty stupid to turn it into a public shit-slinging contest on Facebook. Especially since you may never know who you're dealing with.

#435649 - 10/20/10 08:39 AM Re: Did I not get the memo.....? [Re: AgentMoore]
Spelled Moon

It seems that I have missed some internet drama.

I don't know what has happened, but I agree with the thought motive of this post. It's much better to remain silent, than to say something rude publicly, and especially when it's not needed and matter should remain private. Rude is unforgettable, it's a mark which person wears since shows a sign of that certain behaviour; at least in my perception it's definitely so.

But again, it's good that people exhibit themselves so well. One at least knows, with whom (s)he interacts. wink

It is a good filter, isn't it...

#435677 - 10/20/10 12:41 PM Re: Did I not get the memo.....? [Re: AgentMoore]
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Not too sure of the situation which is being referred too specifically because I don't have much contact outside of these forums (which I rarely get a chance to visit anymore it seems) but I have seen this sort of thing happen plenty of times in the past. Even in the case where someone was being purposely antagonistic I sometimes question the value of outward mockery, as if "revenge" is worth taking over the facelesness and anonimity of the world wide web; a place where reputation happens to matter THE LEAST. The specific situation you are referring is even more childish still, with no provocation apart from wanting to be associated with.

In this particular case, I can only hope (and assume) that some of the more together members who were involved had the good sense to put this person in their place, and call them out on their childishness. THAT is the real "benefit" of circle of individuals who are discerning and judgemental; there will probably be someone around to sweep the feet from under pretentious wind bags when they get too comfortable and cocksure with their own perception of how "elite" they really are.

You have acted as the voice of reason in the past Reverend, in several situations which I can remember clearly, where this kind of social idiocy was being demonstrated. You always came down swiftly to throw a wrench into things before they got too out of hand, and I hope whoever is responsible is reading this now; and that anyone else who tries to take this approach in the future will learn from it too.

Of course there is always somebody. But just as fast as some members are able to point out weaknesses or flaws in the character of others, they should be able to look at themselves and know when they have gone too far. Being judgemental is not just about taking an objective view on other people; it is also about being able to turn that mirror on yourself from time to time.

It's a lesson everyone should learn; I know I myself have learned more as an individual when I was able to point out my own flaws, or have someone do it for me. Maybe the aggressor here will be able to do the same.

#435686 - 10/20/10 01:51 PM Re: Did I not get the memo.....? [Re: TheDegenerate]
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there will probably be someone around to sweep the feet from under pretentious wind bags when they get too comfortable and cocksure with their own perception of how "elite" they really are.

Well put! Therein lies the problem and immediate solution for so clearly defined offenders.

Thanks for referring to me as the voice of reason, although voice of frustration would be more like it. When I see this type of pompous behavior happening (especially by the same people time and time again) it really irks me and many, many others to have to see it or hear it, so SOMETHING must be said as it seems that there are far too many people who are willing to let this ugly attitude grow until it's out of control.

Just because someone says they're "elite" by putting others down and loudly crowing about themselves does not mean that they actually are at all. Quite the opposite, in fact.

All pigs feed from the same trough and if we collectively stop slopping the trough they will eventually go away or shut up.

Here's hoping.

#435710 - 10/20/10 06:16 PM Re: Did I not get the memo.....? [Re: AgentMoore]
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Just because someone says they're "elite" by putting others down and loudly crowing about themselves does not mean that they actually are at all. Quite the opposite, in fact.


Even here, I read the same exact thing that goes on over at facebook. This time it was in response to someone calling them on their own ridiculousness.

Keep it up people. Don't tolerate awful and rude behavior.

Even the pigs will eventually see that the trough is empty and go somewhere else to squeal their imagined outrage.

#435721 - 10/20/10 07:57 PM Re: Did I not get the memo.....? [Re: AgentMoore]
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Great post, Bryan.
We'd all do well to heed your words. No doubt each of us here has had his petty moments and personal confrontations (god knows I have), but it is important to maintain solidarity. Personal differences should remain in the personal realm, not be paraded about as if they were meritorious, nor turned into public internet soap operas for the sake of melodrama.

Fora like Facebook, Myspace and LttD serve as a stage, where interactions are on clear display. One's own page allows for the free expression of opinion, but such expression still has consequences. To me, a person who airs private grievances publicly is imprudent at best and completely untrustworthy at worst. One who dissolves the wall of discretionary separation between personal and public affairs reveals himself to lack tact and confidence (in more than one sense).

The Church of Satan is a cabal of individuals with strong opinions and varied tastes. Members may occasionally even differ to the extent of powerful, mutual dislike, but I will continue to stand by fellow CoS members for the sake of solidarity, in spite of whatever personal differences that may exist.

There are plenty of folks out there who would wish to destroy us, let's not aid their cause by contributing to decay from within.

~ Mr. Obsidian (JP)


Flesh and Bones

“For those who believe in God, most of the big questions are answered. But for those of us who can't readily accept the God formula, the big answers don't remain stone-written. We adjust to new conditions and discoveries. We are pliable. Love need not be a command nor faith a dictum. I am my own god. We are here to unlearn the teachings of the church, state, and our educational system. We are here to drink beer. We are here to kill war. We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.”
~ Charles Bukowski

#435727 - 10/20/10 09:21 PM Re: Did I not get the memo.....? [Re: Mr. Obsidian]
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That is beautifully and eloquently put, Warlock Obsidian, and I hope that those in question will heed your meritorious words.

I know I will.




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