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When I contacted the C/S Admin. To apply for membership, because it is said African would-be members have to make pre-approval. I was asked what Satanic literature I read, and I couldn't answer because I didn't own the books, they're banned in my country. I tried to get the books all ways I could imagine.

A friend inside the C/S tried to send TSB by postal mail, but something happened (maybe customs here didn't like it) and the book never arrived, so he sent it in Pdf.

Based on The Satanic Bible, I wrote a book in my language and published it, thus attracting potential Satanists. I designed a Satanic website and attracted more interested individuals, and I'm writing a second book dedicated also to Satanism.

I'm dedicated to Satanism and loyal to the only Church of Satan. Even being a non-member, I've felt "home" since day one. And one day when I'm able to show how much I'm really support the C/S and my endless "faith" in "The Enemy of Mankind", I'll prove that I'm not wasting time.

I've made plans to ensure that I'm not going to live "underground" forever, and hiding my Satanism because it is "forbidden." in other words, I'm going to live in another country.

Meantime, I "believe" that I've the resources to run an unofficial Grotto, because it has been a dream of mine. So, is it possible? Can I "represent" Satanism in my country, and continue to "educate" the masses about the true nature of Satanism?

I'm not just looking for approval, but also due to the fact that the C/S Higher members here have much more experience in these "issues".

Satanism is a passion for me, and I completely think that I'm serving the "true master"

I'm sure that my unofficial grotto could grow, and have the potential to become a powerful one in the area I'm living in. And most probably become official one day.

Finally, what are the views of the C/S regarding "unofficial Grottos"? And what is your advices and insight regarding this "case". Yours sincerely, Hezb El Shaitan.

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We no longer operate a Grotto system.

Neither do we preach. Satanism isn't intended for the masses.

We have always stated one does not need to be a CoS member to be a Satanist.

Whilst you are free to form whatever groups you wish, and expound Satanism as you have indicated you must not in any way claim to represent the Church of Satan.

On a personal note, I would advise you to use caution in your country. Satanism does not require martyrs.
Human beings are as significant as a cigarette burn in the sun.

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I'm trying to be "anonymous" as much as can be. And whenever I speak with someone interested I always mention that I don't represent the C/S.

And in some events I've denied any relation with and knoweldge of Satanism. Survival IS the Highest Law.

My first aim is to find other Satanists for Magical purposes. Any who wants to know what is and what is not Satanism can read my books. Of course, these books are not meant as a subestitution for TSB.

They are basically saying the same thing but in different language.

Thanks, Reverend.


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