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#441366 - 12/24/10 01:47 PM Warlock Tier Instinct's The Chaos Magnet
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Once again, Warlock Tier Instinct takes us on a journey into his realm of musical and verbal sorcery with his newest release, The Chaos Magnet , available from CD Baby .

The dark currents of this creative working will draw you into worlds both familiar and unexpected. Twisting, turning, bending and challenging the patterns of linear reality, Tier Instinct has manifested a modern masterpiece of infernal force. The Black Flame is indeed burning with a fierce intensity, as each track is performed with a unique brand of Satanic psychodrama that is his own.

If you have an appreciation for what goes into such magical undertakings or if you enjoy dark ambient and atmospheric music, you will surely like what The Chaos Magnet brings. It is a series of connected rituals, in and of itself.
Hail Satan!

Dryghten Shahara

#441465 - 12/25/10 09:12 PM Re: Warlock Tier Instinct's The Chaos Magnet [Re: DryghtenShahara]
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That is what I enjoy the most!

I am so glad that you are understanding The Chaos Magnet and I suspect that you have much more to discover. Thank you for the great review and have a delightful solstice.

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#441566 - 12/27/10 01:52 PM Re: Warlock Tier Instinct's The Chaos Magnet [Re: DryghtenShahara]
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Just ordered mine and truly looking forward to it as I enjoyed the first CD greatly!

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#442314 - 01/07/11 05:13 AM Re: Warlock Tier Instinct's The Chaos Magnet [Re: DryghtenShahara]
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If art had sound it would be the sound of Chaos Magnet. Tier Instint is pure genius and created yet another masterpiece of art and magic called Chaos Magnet. Chaos Magnet is available at CD Baby. Hails Warlock Tier Instinct! Hail Satan!

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