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We are in those times when the media will sum up the year that passed. To be fair, there was some big events of disaster and tragedy, like earthquakes and floods, oil spills and murder - but there were also little tings -- and since I was personally not harmed by any disasters, awful as they may be to those who were (and I acknowledge this), I put most importance on some private developments of fortune that are connected to my girlfiend. (We kind of broke up over some silly disagreements and heated, um, debate, spent some "thinking time" apart, then realised that even miserable times spent with someone you love are better times than good times spent alone. This is an OLD story of common human drama but it works every time.)

What, in your nonlinear and strictly subjective view, were the most important events of the year 2010?
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It's definitely been an eventful year. January saw principle photography wrap on Psycho Chicks Anonymous, my first feature film as a producer, followed by several months of my girlfriend, Shiva, and I banging our heads against the desk to get through post. Fortunately the frustrations of postproduction were abated by a visit from our dear friends, Reverend Coffinrust and Witch Aleuranthropy. PCA finally screened in September, along with Intervention, my first short film as a director. It was an amazing feeling getting to see both of them up on the silver screen in the same day.

In the months between, we mourned the deaths of Anubis, our alpha ferret, and our dog Gaius. Keeping our relative critter mass somewhat stable, though, we've been joined by eight more cats, five feral kittens born in our yard and three obviously domestic cats that were dumped by the feral colony behind our corner gas station.

I actually managed to get out of town a couple times this year. For my birthday Shiva took me to Busch Gardens in Tampa for a day of roller coasters and photographing more exotic animals than we usually see around the house, and then to one of the best steak dinners I've ever had at Bern's. Halloween weekend was spent in St. Augustine, enjoying the art galleries and restaurants.

Probably the event that took me most off guard was my elevation to the Priesthood of Mendes. Shiva had just brought in the mail and was sorting it when a smile crossed her face and she handed me the big envelope from Central. I think it was last week that she finally stopped with the "It's about time you caught up to my rank" cracks. smile

All in all, it's been a pretty good year. Let's hope nothing happens in the next week to fuck it up. wink

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