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#44192 - 06/11/04 12:57 PM 16 million considering Separation of SCHOOL & State?
Z3ro3X Offline
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I got this email and it reminded me of an article I read on the COS website about school systems so I thought I should share it.

Dear Liberator Online reader,

Imagine *16 million people* seriously considering getting
children out of government schools!

I seldom send you stand-alone messages like this one,
but I received this too late to include it in the most recent issue
of the Liberator Online, and I wanted you to know about it.

This is a major breaking story that gives you and me
an opportunity to make a real difference for liberty.

Please take a few moments to read the message below
from Advocates Founder Marshall Fritz, and see the action
steps YOU can take to help make this happen. Thank you!

Sharon Harris, President
Advocates for Self-Government


Over 7 million children are in non-government schooling---
about 5.25 million conventional private and religious
schools, and 2 million in home schools.

Every parent who refuses to allow the state to school
his/her children wins a victory for quality education and
the cause of freedom from government school indoctrination.

If you're glad these parents have separated **their**
families from state schooling, you might get as excited as
I am about this development:

The largest Protestant denomination in America---Southern
Baptists, with 16 million members---will be voting next
week on a resolution calling on their members to remove
their children from government schools!

It's very consideration is already causing the beginning
of a stir: Favorable articles have shown up in the Boston
Globe, the Wall Street Journal, WorldNetDaily, the
Washington Times. And the O'Reilly Factor is trying to
schedule one of the Baptists who submitted the resolution.

And vastly more attention would undoubtedly result if the
Southern Baptists actually pass a "get the kids out"
resolution. This will be so appalling to the mainstream
news that "Mr. Dan" Rather will be whining on the 6:00 news
and "60 Minutes" is sure to do a hit piece.

Pray for a slow news week and Time and Newsweek might make
it a cover story, full of dire predictions of the demise
of America if the Baptists pull their 4 million children
from the schools.

If you're not a Southern Baptist, or a Protestant, or even
a Christian, you may think this has nothing to do with
you, but it does.

1) You probably know people who are Southern Baptists, or
2) For sure, you know people who belong to other
denominations that might be interested in passing a
similar resolution in the future in their group.

This could be an important new front in the fight for
educational choice. Religious and denominational
differences should not divide us in our common desire to
expand school choice ... ending federal interference in
local schools and taking a major step toward making all
schooling private.

I am setting up a new organization---initially as part of
the Alliance for Separation of School & State---to promote
this concept in other groups.

We call it

What can you do TODAY to help move the Baptists in the
freedom-in-schooling direction?

1) send this email to everybody on your personal email
list who is religious, or likes the freedom philosophy, or
both. Ask them to send it to their friends.

2) post this email to any online newsgroups or discussion
forums you frequent.

3) CALL any Southern Baptists you know and urge them to
advise any "Messengers" (SOBAPT lingo for delegates to
their convention in Indianapolis next week) of this

4) visit and sign up for the monthly
online update on Get The Kids Out.

Thank you for reading this. I get too much email, too.
But this is important and URGENT.


Marshall Fritz
Interim Director,
(Alliance for the Separation of School & State)
1071 N Fulton St, Fresno CA 93728
(559) 499-1776 fax 499-1703

#44193 - 06/11/04 02:30 PM Re: 16 million considering Separation of SCHOOL & State? [Re: Z3ro3X]
Max Rose Offline

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Interesting. Although it is religious in nature and I think that these people are basically just looking for a way to force more religion and less science down the throats of the young, I still think this is a good message. While I am not for the abolishment of the public education system, I am definetly all about reform. I believe that if this happens then it may get the public schools to rework their systems.

And even it it doesn't, it just means 4,000,000 less religious children clogging the system. More learning for everyone else

#44194 - 06/11/04 04:14 PM The business of the State SHOULD be education! [Re: Z3ro3X]
Flavius Offline
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Another dangerous piece of shit from the Religious Right.

Does anyone personally know people who have attended a private Evangelical/Baptist school? Have you seen the curriculum they use?

I have. These idiots can spout dogma about sin and redemption all day, but can't tell you shit about the actual workings of the U.S. government, basic events in history, or construct a logical and well-structured essay. Science..."God made it happen."

I prefer my public education. It was a perfectly adequate starting point for my intellectual growth. Some of my teachers were bitter and sucky, some carried on valiantly, and a memorable few actually inspired the search for deeper knowledge.

In fact, let me dare to speak the truth: For the reasonably inteligent and motivated student, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the typical public school education in America.

A lot of the handwringing about public schools from the right carries a hidden agenda: By making public schools appear more flawed than they are (Via skewed testing procedures and punishments without funding assistance as in NCLB) the door is open to reduce the tax base further by cutting enrollment with "Religiously driven" pullout drives like this one. Then, the public schools look even worse, and eventually, the only possible (Oh we hoped it wouldn't have to come to this, alas ) solution is complete privatization of American education.

Maybe Haliburton/Argenbright can run it, and shuttle the malcontents directly into privately-run prisons or draft them into service as "Contractors" (under-paid mercenaries) in the everlasting war on Drugs/Terror. Maybe they can take eight times the value needed in taxes and build some nice new Iraq.
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#44195 - 06/11/04 04:58 PM Re: The business of the State SHOULD be education! [Re: Flavius]
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I find that a good teacher makes it or breaks it. If the teacher can't expand on what is given and doesn't make it interesting I lose my focus very easily. I've always had lots of difficulties in school. If I had say... my parents teach me in a loving way I would learn faster. I also feel that there shouldn't be such a strong reliance on a "good education" in society. Regurgitating what you learn is not a good education imo. All that shows in someone is that they can follow orders and mindlessly perform work.

#44196 - 06/11/04 05:37 PM Re: 16 million considering Separation of SCHOOL & State? [Re: Z3ro3X]
Citizen_Parker Offline
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While I agree with Flavius and do not think children will necessarily receive better educations if taken out of public schools (especially since a huge increase of students in the private sector would result in the same watering-down common-denominator tactics that plague public schools) this "movement" may have beneficial consequences.

If it becomes a big issue in the media, and the Southern Baptists do pull out four million kids (or at least come very close) this may ruffle enough governmental feathers to encourage improvements in the public school system.
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#44197 - 06/11/04 10:58 PM Re: 16 million considering Separation of SCHOOL & State? [Re: Z3ro3X]
Chaoslillith Offline

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The way I look at the schools is this. They are public, therefore they respond to what the taxpayers want. Let's see now. Between parents suing schools because their kids failed, the fight over standaradized testing, the bilingual and inner city schooling issues and all the other problems inherent in trying to please everyone the schools end up making sacrifices. The result, mediocrity. All the push to private schools will do is stratify society even more and those who are born poor or in bad surroundings are liable to get less of an education. If parents and kids pushed responsibility and a desire to learn and grow schools would be wonderful. I attended public school all my life and was continually challenged by my excellent teachers. The level of education is only as good as people are willing to have.
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#44198 - 06/11/04 11:20 PM Re: 16 million considering Separation of SCHOOL & State? [Re: Chaoslillith]
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The result, mediocrity. All the push to private schools will do is stratify society even more and those who are born poor or in bad surroundings are liable to get less of an education

One of the reasons I am against capitalism but still cannot find a viable alternative. Making money translates to providing to the needs of society at large, which imo translates to mediocrity aswell. Just look at the foods they sell in grocery stores for evidence of this; healthy food is being replaced for marketable and cheap to produce food. Good music is being replaced by easily manufactured mass marketed music. Good movies are being replaced with mindless CGI fests. For the good bands that put out albums do they recieve the return that Britney Spears would get? No. For the movies being put out do they recieve the box office numbers that a film like The Day After Tomorrow would get? No.

It seems that if you make shit for the herd to swallow, you make more money. If you do something original and unique more often than not you need other jobs to support your work. That never sounded right to me.

#44199 - 06/11/04 11:30 PM Re: 16 million considering Separation of SCHOOL & State? [Re: Frequency]
Chaoslillith Offline

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I have to disagree a bit with you. Look at "good Will Hunting", "Dead Poets Society", "Girl, Interrupted", "Erin Brockovich"...all great movies that received recognition without special effects. In movies there is room for true originality and it will be rewarded. Music is a bit different because it is harder to get air time if you do not fit the trend. However, look at Norah Jones, Tori Amos, Alanis Moriesette and Cake. These artists have unique sounds, have someething to say and get noticed. There is a lot of trash out there but in many cases the true talent does rise to the top. Britney is stil there because she is blond and has a body but that will fade in time.

Capitalism does allow for many unique things to be sung, produced etc. so I do not like to complain too much about the crap that goes along with it. One has to remember too that in a lot of cases true artists are not after the money and that is why they do not get as much publicity. They are not willing to jump through hoops to be on top for another month. They play, sing, act, draw what they want and are happy with that. They want to be appreciated for what they have to offer not what gimmicks they can sell.
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#44200 - 06/11/04 11:44 PM Re: 16 million considering Separation of SCHOOL & State? [Re: Chaoslillith]
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I also noticed that some solo singers tend to fade into nothing just as fast as they rose to the top. As the herd brings these people to the top (like Brittany Spears) they can easily get bored with them and move on to a new solo singer. There are Bands who have to work there ass's off to get to the top but at the same time they stay at the top just as long as it took them to get up there. This rule doesn't apply to all bands, it's just a pattern I've seen every now and than. It almost seems like physics, for every action there's and equal and opposite reaction.

And also, I would recommend not getting off topic of this post. I my self couldn't care less, but it annoys some mods as well as others on this forum. And some post that go off topic have a tendency of getting locked and I'd prefer that not happen with mine.

#44201 - 06/12/04 12:11 AM Re: 16 million considering Separation of SCHOOL & State? [Re: Z3ro3X]
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My apologies..
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#44202 - 06/12/04 12:38 AM Storm in a teacup [Re: Z3ro3X]
jon_wolf Offline

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Hah. Those so-called "suthern baptist" Xtians will not take their kids outta public schools. Not the masses of all these good ole suthern boys, I know because I live in the Deep South. They are easily led, and distracted sheep.
They are interested in "bread and circuses".
All mesmerized by the TV, and the fad of the moment.
Nothing but howling hypocrites, the whole foul lot.
I wish they would take their equally idiot children out of public school and then I could get a nice credit or reduction in the damned school taxes I pay.
The clowns stumping for this scheme are probably share holders in the private school consortiums.

#44203 - 06/12/04 07:52 AM Re: Storm in a teacup [Re: jon_wolf]
Flavius Offline
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Very insightful.

The other factor - poor stupid Southern Baptist idiots can't afford to send their children to private school in most cases.

...unless they can get vouchers.
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#44204 - 06/12/04 10:13 AM Re: 16 million considering Separation of SCHOOL & State? [Re: Z3ro3X]
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I'm all for the SoBap's pulling their kids out, as this will free up teachers to pay more personal attention to the kids left in the schools (like MY daughter!). It would also reduce taxes as a result of the reduced student populace. The reduced work load on teachers would mean weeding out of teachers who just collect paychecks & don't really teach! So, please, SoBap's...pull your kids out - NOW!!!
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#44205 - 06/12/04 02:07 PM Re: 16 million considering Separation of SCHOOL & State? [Re: Z3ro3X]
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This is totally insane. These idiots have no idea of the consequences, ever!

Most of the working class in America have no time to home school their children and certainly can't afford private schooling. If it were to be affordable for each person at each private school the quality of education would be so far below what we have in public schools now because the PAY would be so far below what teachers already get.

I've seen the curriculum for "affordable private education." It's shit. Pure and utter shit. The information is even more blurred and out of context than public education, and lets not forget the fact that it's rife with Christian myth, slander, and insanity.

I personally agree with mandatory public education. Without it those mere producers who can't be anything else will just become more of a strain on the entire system because they won't be able to be productive. They won't have the training. And of course, their parents probably won't be able to afford anything resembling the standard of state education now. So we have an even bigger unemployment build-up. Wonderful for Baptists (as all things vile are), bad for America.

Even worse is the times in which they present this idiocy. The economy in America is going downhill fast and that means the working class has to work harder to maintain the level of financial stability that they had only a few years ago. Once again, the majority of the people don't have either the time or the money for state funded schooling to be shut down. Especially right now.

State funded and run education lightens the load on society as a whole. These people are just stark raving mad because they can't have Jerry Falwell do his "God spoke, thus science" routine in our schools. They aren't concerned about children or America.

What is the government supposed to do when most people can't afford the only school system? Just go voucher crazy and basically pay for education like it does now but the differences being that it's substandard and keeps people more open to accept blatant lies, it's NOT SUBJECT to church and state seperation, nor to most justified American laws concerning children and civil rights? Oh yeah.... I guess so.
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#44206 - 06/12/04 02:20 PM Re: 16 million considering Separation of SCHOOL & State? [Re: Mike_Hargis]
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On the downside, however, there will be a large group of poorly educated children who will go on to be poorly educated adults, who will clumsily, dangerously, and stupidly fill various social roles and jobs.

Your other points are quite valid, I'm just shedding some darkness on the light, as I am wont to do at times.
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