Review: Warlock Tier Instinct - The Chaos Magnet

With his new album The Chaos Magnet, Tier Instinct delivers another treasure, groundbreaking in many ways. The beast born with In Through This Devour has grown & turned into a powerful giant whose steps make the black earth quake. What is to be perceived as violent & menacing by the timid, comes as most masterfully staged psychodrama for those who do not shy away from lurking into the dark abysses of the human-animal's psyche.

The tracks form a sinister, intense & archaic amalgam that reaches deep into the spheres of the sub-conscious mind of the listener to resonate with the instinctual carnal portions. From spherical ambient tracks such as Rise & Release or his interpretation of Crowley's Hymn To Pan to pieces like Blasphemy or The Chaos Magnet that have a brachial, noisy & industrial character, Tier Instinct's second album The Chaos Magnet offers a broad variety of stylistic elements. At the same time, the profoundly multi-layered arrangements are magically interwoven, as one track merges into the following to unfold a unique & superb artistic synthesis.

All thumbs up!