Warlock Tier Instinct
The Chaos Magnet
Album Review

I've only got one word to describe The Chaos Magnet, the second album by Warlock Tier Instinct.


I think In Through This Devour is an excellent work of art in it's own right, concise and potent. It set a great foundation for Tier's musical Sorcery and sonic Darkness.

Yet having said that, The Chaos Magnet doesn't merely add to the foundation; it builds the monument.

The sound quality is very good throughout. Tasteful diversity is expressed within each of the tracks, which ranges from brutally harsh dissonance to even a sparing use of melodic beauty (gasp!) throughout. Citizen Prometheus makes some worthwhile contributions which further compliment and add to the flow of the album.

If his previous record In Through This Devour allowed the Black Flame to ignite, then The Chaos Magnet will allow it to rise and fully resonate within. I recommend listening to this in a dark room with all lights off; then you will truly experience "imaginative freedom".