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#445563 - 02/19/11 07:10 PM Re: Paying The Bills [Re: Lamar Drummer]
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I started at 12 selling papers in traffic. It was posted on the school bulletin board. I moved on to babysitting, then cashiering and in a year and a half I was working the money room, until I quit. I was 17 and told this ass of a customer off and then my boss found out where he could shove it to.

I worked retail at Bradley's till it went under (3 mo.) and then at a gas station. The experience was all worth it. My work history and track record having never been fired, help get me in to a clothing warehouse. This, was the best job ever. I knew new that factory inside and out and I could do it all. I worked nights (my fav) and had total control of the inventory. I was the woman, as the inventory control specialist on nights, i was the boss. I carried my self so well at that job people just thought I knew everything, I didn't but they never had to know that, I was always clever enough to get them the right answer.

Those where the days. Then it went under and I lost everything. I had a fucking retirement plan, not something I ever thought I wanted, but it was fucking cool being that hooked up.

I went on to work call centers, customer service and collection. I got to be the bitch on the other end collecting bills for a while, that was kind of fun. Now a days I make magic for a living, and I'm not kidding that is my actual job description, lol. It pays the bills and I am just happy to have a job right now after every thing that's happened. It's more of a landing pad than a destination.

I attend school, write (working on being free lance), and have taken up a free lance computer programing/engineering. My knack for computers and connections have sublimated the need for a degree in it, so i can put that expense on hold for now.

I look at it this way it's a game to be played, no one gets to start from the same spot. I never had the luxury of getting the leg up, I started with nothing. I have worked my way from the ground up, and as it's been said before, I make the job fit me. I am invaluable resource and know how to sell myself. Lesser magic, baby really does pay my bills. But more so it's knowing how to work with what I have to get what I want. I am clever happy and comfortable. I have what I need and that is the foundation of what I want. Soon it will just be more of what I want.

Passion takes a lot of perseverance and supplemental income sometimes, but if you got talent you can manifest your own opportunities.

Best of Luck to you. smile
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#445564 - 02/19/11 07:22 PM Re: Paying The Bills [Re: Furrtiv]
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That's an amazing talent.
I have such admiration for artist, because it takes real drive to create something fantastic from nothing.

Thank you for sharing images of your work. You have an incredible talent. I am very impressed.

Do you have a Deviant art page, or other site you display your work on?
"...And the truth that makes us laugh, will make you cry!"
"...Porcelain in a paper cup world."
~Almost Alice~

#445696 - 02/21/11 01:21 PM Re: Paying The Bills [Re: Lamar Drummer]
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Thankyou, most of my artwork is up on my Facebook page. I'll PM you with the details. smile

Ah, it appears that I cannot PM you, so if you'd care to send me a message, I'll pass on the link.

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#445717 - 02/21/11 05:02 PM Re: Paying The Bills [Re: Lamar Drummer]
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I started working at a young age as it appears most on here did. I began at 10 by helping on a farm close to my first childhood home for enough money to buy trading cards and comic books. At twelve and after having moved I began a paper route and after about a year began working in a comic book store as a stocker.

After having moved again I picked up another paper route and had a part time job at the local fairgrounds of that county setting up and cleaning up after whatever events they had. Eventually I dropped the paper route in exchange for a job as a waiter at a restaurant that catered to the local courthouse. The customers were all lawyers, social workers, police officers, firefighters and the like. I continued working at the fairgrounds because of the fringe benefits. I still have several of the items I was able to acquire from the supervisor after the events shut down.

At 17, right after graduating from high school, I enlisted in the Army and stayed in for 6 years. After getting out I moved to where I am now and became a police officer. After being injured I began Security Consulting which I still do as my main source of income. I also put on events with a small promotional company, write and make music for money.

I guess that pretty much sums up how I "pay the bills".
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#445776 - 02/22/11 03:11 PM Re: Paying The Bills [Re: Lamar Drummer]
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I work in an electronics plant that manufactures circuit boards, which go into medical devices, as well as for the military. We build for several jets, and different things like that. I honestly don't know what it all goes into, as they really don't tell us.

I pretty much do everything there. Right now I work up in the stock room counting reels (joy), the most tedious mind-numbing job there is. But it's like I'm the go-to girl for whatever they need. I fill in on the line doing AOI (automated optical inspection), where the boards that go through SMT (surface mount technology) go through a computer which finds the failures and i fix them.

They just have me running around like crazy lately, I swear i must have lost 5 pounds yesterday, but I got to learn a few new things, which is good, but I think they might try and shove me into a new position that I don't necessarily want, but only because of the hours. I would pretty much have NO time off.
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#445777 - 02/22/11 03:14 PM Re: Paying The Bills [Re: Lamar Drummer]
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I am a graphic designer for an advertising agency in UT. I was a US Soldier before that, and a MAC Truck Parts driver before that.

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#446370 - 03/01/11 01:48 PM Re: Paying The Bills [Re: Lamar Drummer]
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I'm living off of my 9/11 G.I. Bill, which pays me to go to college. When people ask me where I work I jokingly tell them, "I don't believe in work," or, "Jobs are for losers."

Aside from that I've worked several manual labor jobs, the most prestigious of which was a four year stint as a firefighter. I go to school now because I'd like to try using my brain to make money for once. smirk
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#446715 - 03/05/11 09:13 AM Re: Paying The Bills [Re: Lamar Drummer]
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My first job was in Burger King when I was still at school. Then I had a Saturday job when I was about 16 working in a kind of new age type shop that sold crystals etc. I studied psychology and journalism so I did the occasional bit of freelance. I worked as a waitress in an upmarket restaurant, a receptionist, conducting telephone surveys and in sales. I also worked as an exotic dancer in a few places across the UK. A very interesting job from a people watching perspective, aswell as financial of course haha. Now I'm a full time university student so I don't work at present.

#451824 - 05/12/11 01:36 PM Re: Paying The Bills [Re: Lamar Drummer]
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I have as well done various jobs around. At the moment am a bartender to finance my studies. But have been a group leader on an office, a secretary, done some computer jobs, sold magazines, worked at a restaurant and so on.

If everything goes great I'll be a doctor in few years.
"It's not what we were or what we will be, it is what we are now that makes all the difference and the potential we have at this moment to become even greater."

#451849 - 05/13/11 12:45 AM Re: Paying The Bills [Re: Lamar Drummer]
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By heart an soul I am a writer, and always identify myself as such. Does it actually pay the bills all the time? Not quite, probably less than a quarter of the time, in fact. But mainly journalism, entertainment being my mainstay. Aspirations of authorship ahead.

To actually pay the bills, my day job is a veterinary technician.
For I am the way.

#451850 - 05/13/11 01:29 AM Re: Paying The Bills [Re: Lamar Drummer]
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My first job was working weekends at a supermarket. I got laid off and moved to a company that repaired mobile phones as a quality analyst. After being made redundant I bounced between a few warehouse jobs and cleaning. From there, I was a post room worker and a filing clerk at a law firm.

I'm now a advertising salesman for a Corporate Finance publication. I also manage my band on the side- it doesn't pay the bills, but at least I can make sure things are done right.

I'm seriously pondering doing an Open University course in psychology. It will enable me to get a degree whilst still holding down a 9-5 job.
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#451853 - 05/13/11 03:38 AM Re: Paying The Bills [Re: Lamar Drummer]
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I feel great about my life right now, I love being a housewife, but there is also another side of me, and I think that side will blossom soon.

I got a feeling that I will get my own art gallery soon.

But It's all up to me, I have the talent, and my passion will show me the way.

#451899 - 05/13/11 05:08 PM Re: Paying The Bills [Re: LightAngel]
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Originally Posted By: LightAngel

I just love cooking, I love preparing dinner, and I love shopping for food in many different places to find special food. The passion I have for food is the same passion I have for my art, I guess it's the lioness in me wink

I get that. We've changed our grocery buying routine. We used to get groceries once a week. Over time, I have felt the need to stop at a market on the way home from work. It helps me chill, and is a nice way to begin my evening. Now, we shop for essentials every couple of weeks, and I get the ingredients for the evening meal the day of. Everything is as fresh as I can make it. I find it against my religion to get anything already packaged. Fresh herbs...fresh vegetables...home made sauces, dressings and condiments as much as possible. There is no better way to get over any problem than to chop the veggies. Okay...there is this ONE thing...but that would be even more off topic than this post. wink

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#451903 - 05/13/11 06:24 PM Re: Paying The Bills [Re: Lamar Drummer]
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For the most part, your job will not define who you are no more than the soda you drink. I have held a number of interesting jobs, but details about my personal life is none of anyone's business. I am a Satanist. That says it all.

Unfortunatly I got let go from both haha.

Gee, I wonder why?
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#451918 - 05/13/11 11:03 PM Re: Paying The Bills [Re: Lamar Drummer]
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My standard answer is that I'm a serial killer.

In all seriousness, I do a lot of work in special effects makeup and practical FX, specializing in casualties/death. My job is literally to go somewhere and make actors or models look like something terrible has happened to them. It's not the best-paying job I have, but it is the one that I love the most.

But I am nothing if not a workaholic, and I tend to juggle several different projects at once.

Currently I'm a partner in a media production company, I write screenplays and articles (and now I write novels too!), I make costumes, I build sets and props, I have a couple online retail shops, I work as a "virtual geisha" from time to time, and I pop the heads off of historically-correct dolls.

I like to keep busy.

However, before I got my foot in the door in the entertainment industry, I worked as a bartender and just did my artsy stuff and work in theatre on the side. Eventually I landed a full-time position at a horror attraction and that got the career ball rolling for me.
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