I recently had the pleasure of being the special guest on the "Mars Attacks" Radio Show. "Mars Attacks" is a Rock/Metal-related podcast that regularly brings in folks from bands like Anthrax, Iron Maiden and Filter (among others), so it was certainly nice to be in such great company.

The interviewer really knew his stuff about me, and asked me quite a few questions I've never been asked before - making this career-spanning conversation perhaps the most brutally-honest interview I've ever given. (For example, I finally got to clear the air about my time drumming for The Misfits.) The full episode of the show, with my 70-minute interview starting around the 15:20 mark, hit the internet this afternoon and is currently streaming here.

From the "Mars Attacks" website:

During this episode of the podcast our guest is author, musician, and host of the show Glory Is Noise, Joel Gausten. Joel discusses his latest book From Satan to Sabbath, the aforementioned show which can be found on RadioFreeSatan.com, his work with bands like The Undead, Electric Frankenstein and Pigface. He also describes what it was like being seventeen, in high school and being asked to help out Doyle and Jerry Only while they were trying to resurrect the Misfits. He dispels any rumors regarding his exact involvement in the band, and references a few projects that he is working on, including one for this very web site.

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