Today I found this site after starting to read The Satanic Bible for the second time, and wanting to find out more about Satanism and the Church of Satan, before I consider joining. Myself and my fiancee have been discussing the book at length and are both considering making a commitment to the C/S.

So just a short intro about me - I have worked in many different jobs in my life, and find myself settled in healthcare for the moment. I am a jack of all trades and am constantly juggling a few hobbies at a time - I am teaching myself violin, venturing into fashion journalism, and intend to begin teaching myself German when I make the time.

I am sitting here trying to think of my earliest interest in Satanism, and glancing across the table I can see a red plastic cross, that was handed out to myself and a group of my friends in our early teens by a group of Christian preachers, which I promptly burned a hole in the top of and wore upside down, parading in front of them.

I'm not sure of the relevance of this anecdote, but thought it ironic that the cross caught my eye at this apt moment.

I look forward to reading and learning on this forum, and speaking to you all very soon.

Hail Satan!
Emptiness is loneliness, loneliness is cleanliness,
cleanliness is godliness, and god is empty,
just like me