So, I stumbled upon The Satanic Bible at 13, im now 23. Since the first time I read through it, nothing has or probably will ever make as much sense. To me, The Satanic Bible seems to encapsulate what life is all about. It was odd reading something that I could relate to and I found it very enlightening. I am now re-reading for a 7th time, hoping to realise things that I had missed before, enabling me to further my understanding.

Since that young age and first reading, I have always wanted to persue and find out more about Satanism. The reason for joining the forums for me is to find out as much as I possibly can before making any form of commitment to the C/S- official or not. After all, uninformed decisions are stupid.

But yes. Interests wise, I'm a keen drummer as I have been for 10 years and I'm in ska/punk band in my home town. I'm an XBOX geek and quite happy with that. To be honest, I don't really have a lot of interests as my time is mostly focused on those.

Oh, and apologies for the naff username, I'm not the most creative of folk in that regard. smirk

Guess that'll do for now.

Take it easy

"The trick to doing this, is to expect extreme pain."- Myke Hawke

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