Seeing as these threads are such the craze I'll make one up I guess.

I'm 18, living in Alberta, Canada. Was a LaVeyan Satanist several years ago between the ages of 13 and roughly 16. Albeit I was young, I understood the philosophy quite well though never participated in any real ritual (Tried a Lust but didn't go full out with the procedure so I can't really say I did it I guess).

I'm a Christian now, been so for half a year or so. My transition was a curious one... went from LaVeyism to more centralized New Age belief, to Islam, then to Christianity. I've learned some things over time which I hope to discuss with you all here.

While I personally consider LaVeyism and all left hand paths not the right way these days, I'm glad I held the perspective at one time. I still carry on some insight to what I learned in the past and I feel it good to completely understand both sides as the opinions you hold seem much more valid.

I come in peace, btw. I'm sure you guys have had your share of zealots come on here screaming fire and brimestone but I assure you I'm not one of those types. I'm a devout Christian in belief but I love learning and discussing all types of theology, by no means in your standard bigoted Christian manner. I threw that memo out. smile