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#301283 - 01/25/08 06:26 AM Re: Missionaries [Re: GCaesarWhiskers]
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This is a little before my time, but I heard that in the 60's there was someone who started a movement where beautiful, young women were "hooking for christ".

#301292 - 01/25/08 07:41 AM Re: Missionaries [Re: reprobate]
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Thank You, Reprobate!

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#301600 - 01/26/08 01:27 PM Re: Missionaries [Re: GCaesarWhiskers]
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The penthouse letter comment reminded me. I couldn't vote at the time, but I had a Larry Flynt bumper sticker for the CA recall election.
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#450805 - 05/01/11 04:52 AM Re: Missionaries [Re: Fueld by Fire]
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I only once had to experience these people at my frontdoor; had some friendly conversations and when they were about to hand over their literature I offered them a trade.... "Ok I'll take your stuff as you will take mine", and I offered them a Satanic Bible and they were a bit offended and since this day I never had the pleasure to deal with them again. Pity folks.
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#450810 - 05/01/11 06:52 AM Re: Missionaries [Re: Fueld by Fire]
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They've never came to knock on my front door, in here homes are private and most buildings have locked doors so that only residents may enter. While on the city, that's a different matter all together. In there everyone is free meat so to speak.

These people spout this or that, some more entertaining than others. Sometimes when I'm not in a hurry I may stop by, they give me this paper that spouts usually something like "Jesus saves" or something. Then there's some quotations from their bible. I read it, and then start to question these people about this or that. What's amusing, they usually know quite little of what they believe in. They say "I believe in this" without knowing what "this" actually holds.

I never go saying to them that I'm a Satanist or something other. I let them make their assumptions as they go. Sometimes right, sometimes wrong.

There's this one guy who actually had good points, met him in a coffee shop some years back and we discussed for some hours about religion in general. He had good points that justified his belief and that's that. It was refreshing to discuss with someone who actually had something of a point no matter the religion and wasn't trying to convert you to this or that.

He keeps this "Jesus Buss" in here, gives away free food and coffee and so forth for the people in the city who need it badly enough - and surprisingly without any Stigma attached to it, no pamphlets, no talks about how some entity will save you, if people want they can talk to the staff but that's it. It was refreshing, when seeing some of those people who frequent the city are plain rude.
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