Hello Forum members. I have been posting here since 2004, but haven't recently in a while. New email address and forgotten passwords made it expedient that I just register as a new member. Hopefully a few longer standing members here will recall some conversation in the past. I have also used the moniker "Hammerheart" here in times past as well, but I am August Wolfe as in the beginning. I have been out there in the world exploring, visiting wonderful places in this country with my wonderful mate, my beautiful woman, experiencing, learning, delving into mysteries, writing, reading, and generally expanding in all ways possible. I am going back to school for the summer semester to study AutoCAD drafting and design and looking forward to it. I hope to catch up with some of you and find you doing well and forging ahead.
Hail the Spirit of the Adversary! The Embodiment of Light!

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"All right then, I'll go to Hell"
~ Mark Twain