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#451829 - 05/12/11 04:21 PM Satanic books in Russian
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Hello. I'd like to know are you planning to make an official translation of books and even main messages made by members of CoS in Russian? I know it's prohibited to publish books about Satan in Russian speaking countries, but you can sell them on ebay, or somewhere else... Why do I ask? Cause my friends and me don't know English good enough to quickly understand the main idea of a big part of the text and it would be more productive to read texts in Russian. Yes, there are some old translations of SB (from them I knew about Dr. Lavey's interpretation) but I'm not sure about quality of the translations.
An interesting thing - in my city (I live in Ukraine, Kharkov) there is a religion organization called "Jehovah's Witnesses", of course you've heard about it. And there are really a lot of people in it all over our country. All kinds of sects in our country aren't allowed but I see old ladies asking me to talk about God every day on the streets, I see cars with a fish sign on the back of them etc. I want to say that it's very hard (even impossible) to prove membership in a sect and our law-enforcement agencies aren't interesting in prosecuting for this kind of crimes.

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There are no immediate plans at this time.
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There were unofficial translations that came out back in the late 1990s of both "The Satanic Bible" and "The Satanic Rituals". They were published by a CoS Member in Moscow, but they've been long out-of-print. Doubtful if you can find them even on eBay.
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