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A few years ago, I came across the Wikipedia page about Satanism, which directed me to the Official Church of Satan Website. After reading through some of the pages and articles, I became fascinated by this religion. As a result, when we were assigned a research project this year, I decided to do it on Satanism.

I'm not sure which of these can be found in the basic literature, because I do not currently have the time to wait for the book to arrive and read it right now. In addition, if any are too personal for the nature of Satanism, I apologize. I understand if you don't want to answer some of the following questions.

1. I understand that Satanists does not believe in Satan as some kind of god figure. So what does Satan represent? What does he mean to you?

2. Can you give me a brief description of the reasoning behind the Nine Satanic Statements, the Nine Satanic Sins, and the Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth? They all make sense to me, but why these specifically?

3. Of the Nine Satanic Sins, why is solipsism considered a sin?

4. What are some rituals performed in Satanism?

5. What about it makes it not just the same thing as every other religion out there with a different deity?

6. Ignoring that it is very different from other religions, what are the most significant differences between it and Christianity?

7. Are there any requirements made of members?

8. Why do people choose to make their affiliation with the Church of Satan a secret?

9. What are common misconceptions of your philosophy?

10. What is Satanismís stance on other religions?

11. What is your opinion of other religions also called Satanism?

12. Are there any holidays or other special events in Satanism?

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with my project!

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Sorry to tell you, but citing us as a sole source without reference to primary text isn't a good idea. It certainly isn't good research.

As such I can only refer you to The Satanic Bible, our primary text, and the Church of Satan website, which directly answers several of your questions.
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