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#454415 - 06/20/11 03:11 AM Unworldly things
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Now I have been taught there is no God, demons don't exisit and that the spirit world just isn't but I have a question about something called the second sight.

I receive answers to things I ask sometimes and I don't know where they come from. Mostly for entertainment do I listen but I am wondering what the COS thinks of the second sight or that of receiving information about things that don't exisit.

Thank you.

#454417 - 06/20/11 03:47 AM Re: Unworldly things [Re: solarvixen]
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If the "information" in your mind proves accurate and useful in your life then use it. Suffice to say, if it proves real in this world, then how can it be other worldy?

There are many things in this world that cannot be fully explained. Any of us can only offer hypothosis on such matters.

An interesting subject for many of us, but the CoS doesn't have any official stance on the issue. It is simply something that you should probably explore for yourself.

Problems would only arise for you if you were, in fact, delusional and imagining things that were not grounded in reality.

#454424 - 06/20/11 06:51 AM Re: Unworldly things [Re: Drake_Bamboozle]
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Quite true. Thank you Reverand.


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