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#45627 - 06/21/04 09:54 AM Easier to create, than it is to destroy.
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Non-Duelist, or, No Comparison.

To start off, I'd like to make the statement that, "It is harder being a Christian, RHP follower, Sheep, ( From here on out referred to as L ) than it is being a Satanist, LHP creator. ( From here on out referred to as D )

The first example I can easily give, is the fact about depression. It is a well known fact for some, that depression is a rather hard thing to do. It is in fact, time consuming. Where the L (Of his/her own demise) must put on the proper face. (Facial muscle use.) The L must
Slope the shoulders,(Physical exsertion.) appetite-less, ultimately fatiguing L's self. They must become snappy, et cetera. A whole persona must be created, by L's own mind, to become depressed. They even need to create a profile in which their 'facts and reasons' can be drawn from to explain the said Depression. It is a long and tedious process of self destruction. It would be easier to cut your leg off, and have something real to be depressed over.

Most of what was just explained is summed up, normally, in one word. Lie. Self involving or towards others, the cylce of L.
You can do it to yourself, or, as L, you can do it to millions of others.
While the leaders of the L's are making a lot of money, the L's themselves, are in a constant pit of dispair. The only hope for them is that something that doesn't exist will save them in a time of need. All L has to do is beg, and L shall receive. Just demean yourselves, kill your children, and God will come unto you with joy in his heart. Rightly so, according to The Master L's story. These predictable acts would bring him joy, as it is his hobby as a tyrant and master liar.

To be a liar, one must never get caught. There is a lot of self created stress in L's life to lie. One lie must create another lie, and it becomes never ending, just like Gods love.
The examples are infinite. I say, Read: Catholicism, Christianity, Jewism, et cetera. for most of the prime examples. For the other more obvious daily routine examples, I say, Go live in those communities. If your not strong enough to carry yourself, to use your will to deflect, they will bring you down. If not with words, than with weapons. It is the way of God. I refer you to, "Shall not kill; Look who I've killed today."

Cutting short.

It is physically destructive, mentally draining, and spiritually breaking to be an L. Most of the time spent is 'keeping up appearances'.
Fending off the old with the new. L can be anything, not just religion. L is everywhere, in a hundred different forms, all working for the same end goal. Self destruction, and to bring some casualties along.

On the other path. The D's have a wonderful life. Where the only obstacle is D's own self. D is capable of accomplishing anything that D wants, all with D's own will. If D fails, D accepts that, learns from it, and moves on to try again, or try something else. Failure is never a reality with D. There is no such thing as loss to D in this aspect. D has a love for life, because it is easy to do. More accurately put, D loves D's life. D does not concern himself with other people's misery, which he knows they created for themselves. It is a trap to help others who cannot help themselves. It is the biggest proverbial bear trap in time space, and D know's it.
D knows how to have fun. D makes his own fun, sometimes with the aid of other D's who also want to have fun.

D creates. L destroy's.
In actuality, it is easier to create than to destroy.
My case in point.

D accomplished what D wanted, and D is now happy. D is proud of his accomplishment. D is excited to show..Other D.
D gains power from these emotions.

L destroys. L destroy's the creation in order to obtain, pain for himself and anyone weak enough to join him. That is to say, anyone who can be talked into it. L has no desire for life. L is always unhappy. L has no friends, and the only time he laughs, it is painful, or empty.
L must lie all the time. L can never tell someone else, L or D, that he really enjoys something. L can never accept life for life because L doesn't know anything else but to destroy it.
L is going to die.

It is easier to be D than it is L. Here is a suggestion so you can see for yourself.

The next time you see a child playing, and hopefully for the example, the child needs or wants help putting a lego together. Go show or help him/her with the lego (Or any) situation, and see how you feel when the child thanks you, and smiles. See how the child feels about this intervention as well.

Compare that with the L tradition. Lie, beat, steal from your children. Do not allow them to have legos, because they are a choking hazard. Look at the L child, compared to the D child. Which one will grow up healthy, and which repressed.

Punch line. Don't be or create a Dahmer.


#45628 - 06/21/04 12:00 PM Re: Easier to create, than it is to destroy. [Re: Member_7244]
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I applaud the thought you put into this, but I have to say I heavily disagree.

First, you emphasize that L "has no desire for life, is always unhappy, has no friends, and the only time he laughs, it is painful, or empty, must lie all the time, L can never tell someone else, L or D, that he really enjoys something." I have met many, many Christians who are extremely happy(read: ignorant), have an authentic, hearty laugh, and are actually not-so-bad people. I think you could not be more wrong about an L having no friends. Ls have tons of friends. The only difference between them and Ds is that Ds prefer quality over quantity.

My main objection to your essay is that you made a very broad, generalized view of "Ls," and also, while you paint them out to be losers in society, self-destructive, miserable outcasts, you also claim that it is more difficult to "achieve" this. If something is more difficult than something else, it requires more effort. If it requires more effort, then it requires certain values to produce that effort. In essence, you are saying that it takes skill and finesse to be a miserable, emotionless peon.

In summation, 1. Satanists are not the only "happy" people in this world.
2. It may take less skill to build a 10-story office building than to make and wire dynamite around it to blow it up. Other than that, your very thesis statement is flawed.

#45629 - 06/21/04 05:53 PM Re: Easier to create, than it is to destroy. [Re: Silence]
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Your absolutely right. I probably shouldn't have spoken in such broad terms, as the essay originated from the observaton of only a few people. (A handful or a little more.)

Thank you for your input.

#45630 - 06/22/04 10:05 AM Re: Easier to create, than it is to destroy. [Re: Member_7244]
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Look at the big picture. For simplicities sake I'll use your letter notations.

The (L) are told what to think and then they think it. To them there is no hard self-deceit or any other mechanisms, simply because they are ignorant of the origination of their beliefs. They are told what to do and then they do it.

When born around the (L) it is hard to justify thinking for yourself when nearly everyone is telling you to shut up and "be normal". Thus being a (D) is harder than any (L) could imagine. Being a (D) requires knowledge of the (L)'s mechanisms and also learning to think outside of those mechanisms.

For futher critique:
1. It is easy to lie when everyone already believes your lie. Thus (L)'s have little issue there.

2. Your case seems personally oriented, meaning I think you are talking about a few people here. When you take what a person does and apply it to a group you are generalizing and thus have a logical fallacy.

3. Destruction has it's right place and right time. It is all a matter of using the correct tool for the correct job. For instance destroying aphids helps farm crops grow better.

Essentially you are giving the (L)'s too much credit. They are neither aware of their indoctrination or that there is another choice. Therefore there is nothing hard about being an (L) because very little thinking is involved, it's just patterned behavior. Being a (D) however, requires much more thinking and above all action. Action is what truly makes the separation, for without deed, words are lost.

#45631 - 06/22/04 08:27 PM Re: Easier to create, than it is to destroy. [Re: Silence]
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My opinion about the depressed, happy thing is it depends on were you were to being with. Let me try and put this in to a personal example.

When I was younger I would have/find a reason to be sad. Then I would allow the sadness to creep down into the core of who I am. Spreading like some kind of sickness, making every thing sad.

Now if I have/find some reason to be sad. I just be, why be sad about being sad, or thinking that there is something wrong with you for being that way. The core stays happy, the core wants to be happy. Some times no tears come, no matter how hard that part of self wants to cry. Other times core says, get it out of your system and get back to what makes you happy.

The point I was trying to make. When you make the conscience dission to build a happy place inside of your head. You know what it is like to be happy, and it is alot easier to continue to be happy.

Then you have the people, that no matter what comes their way that makes them happy. They still let the sad infect who they are, and it is not as easy to get back out of that loop.

So depending on who you are dealing with one may be easier then the other.

You know what some say, "Ignorance is bliss". Although I don't plan on making myself retarded any day soon, but if it works for them.
Some people don't take their church to heart. They don't go around trying to convince every one that they are happy. There are always that few that apply things differently then the others do. Espcially when a lot of it is just left up to interpurtation.

I lie some times, I don't generaly enjoy it. I find the more you lie the harder it is to keep them all strait. The easier it is to get caught in a lie. Then agian if you want some thing bad enough then lieing might be worth the effort. Lieing so that a group will find you likable, I would hope would not be worth the effort to any one.

#45632 - 06/24/04 02:31 PM Re: Easier to create, than it is to destroy. [Re: Siatris]
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Most of what you are saying (Or all, in some aspect or another) is correct in retrospect.
(Not, "Your case seems personally oriented, meaning I think you are talking about a few people here...", rather people I know of, and have observed in person.)

Some, or most L's are born into this type of redundant behavior, or learned behavior, however the L I am refering to has had or has the knowledge, but proceeds to ignore the proper advice. Basically, even when the facts are in their favor, they still ignore them.

In this case, (For percentage-like-arguements sake.) the L who knows but ignores (Ignorant!) has a harder life (See double life) or as hard as the D's.

In actuality, Thinking is also an illness when the tools to do such need a good upgrade, or aknowledged to begin with. Being ignorant can and has been witnessed to be harder than a logical thinking person.

(L is light, D is Dark. Clarification.)

#45633 - 06/25/04 12:18 AM Re: Easier to create, than it is to destroy. [Re: Member_7244]
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I may be going out on a limb by saying that this (L) realizes that it is easier to be (L) than (D) and this persons conflict arises from the fact that (L) suddenly realizes how much B.S. is involved with their sad lifestyle, even though it is easier.

What it evolves into is an interesting, and common combination of cognitive dissonance and a lack of ability. Don't worry all (L)'s will get over it eventually and just stick to repetition of what they did before, this hard and emotionally trying for this person, yet it is just a phase from what I have observed.

Also you may wish to re-think the metaphor of Light and Dark in your argument as well. Try going with qualities that aren't so easily obscured into something else. Not really criticism but more of a tip. Specifics can be very helpful.

#45634 - 06/26/04 10:44 PM Re: Easier to create, than it is to destroy. [Re: Siatris]
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Thanks for your advice, and your comments. Both are very helpful. The reason I chose Light and Dark was because of a personal thing. I am a Satanist and the girl I (was) dating was a Christian. She had failed to mention that when I asked if she was religious in any way, and just now sprung it on me. Regardless, I had my notions due to body language and so forth. (She wasn't the only reason for the post, but specifically for L and D references.)


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