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#457372 - 08/05/11 05:44 PM Re: Alien Elite among ignorant sheep [Re: Zsche]
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Originally Posted By: Zsche

I have forbidden my kids from playing or associating with a couple of other children, but it is a rare occurrence.

Of course--and, there are times when it's definitely called for, because some people (adults and children) are human black holes who tend to suck in everyone around them.

My kids didn’t want to be around these kids anyway.

Yeah, Son of the Booty Caller sounds like a real winner. wink

And yes - our house is “the house”, and usually my kids prefer that their friends come here (and their friends make comments of how lucky my kids are). At times it can be challenging, but ground rules have been laid and my kids know what is allowed and what is not. I’d rather they be at home than at someone else’s house anyway.

Yep! It's easier to supervise everybody when they're under your roof, after all.

Your household sounds like it's stable, structured, and predictable---in other words, Shangri-La for any kid who otherwise has to live in chaos, abuse, or neglect.
"Gentlemen, the verdict is guilty, on all ten counts of first-degree stupidity. The penalty phase will now begin."--Divine, "Pink Flamingos."

"The strong rule the weak, and the cunning rule over all." HS!

#462075 - 10/14/11 07:39 AM Re: Alien Elite among ignorant sheep [Re: Zsche]
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Yes, people are generally stupid and hypocritical. Nothing new here.

There's no need in being an idealist, hoping for a better situation, and there is no need to get overly frustrated about something you cannot change. It is what it is, and I'd say make the best of it. The sheep don't bother me. They can affect me, but they harm themselves more than anyone. Also, there is one nice thing about them...they are easy to manipulate. Lesser magic and sheep go hand in hand. Do your magic, and be happy that there are so many receptive simpletons.
"Unselfishness is selfishness in drag."

"Egoism is the very essence of a noble soul."
--Friedrich Nietzsche

#471388 - 03/13/12 11:27 PM Re: Alien Elite among ignorant sheep [Re: Zsche]
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I am in a similar situation minus the religious hypocrisy. Surrounded by common, self-denying fake mongers. I live in Scotland and my area isn't so much of the religious culture than it is a suicide machine. It deals with itself eficiently and weeds out any chance of individuality, AND, progression. It is so guilt ridden, the majority are only out to make themselves look good, trying to scrape any hope of being noticed by their superiors.
this place has been carefully designed to kill itself off and the people that do "stand out" are the criminals.
The worst of it is that anyone out to better themselves from all the shit are cast as weirdo's, "wrong one's" or better yet just plain crazy. However, it is all too simple to take advantage of.

#471652 - 03/19/12 05:17 AM Re: Alien Elite among ignorant sheep [Re: Zsche]
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Hail Zsche

In your original post you sought responses from people as to:

“share how they live as the Übermensch among the herd”. My understanding of what Übermensch translates to in English is transcendent human.

I see myself this way, and by extension most of the other Satanists I’ve interacted with, you included [and others whose posts, essays, books, articles I’ve read and re-read and gratefully absorbed]. Also there are a few others outside the Satanic realm like Robert Greene, Friedrich Nietzsche, Napoleon Bonaparte, etc whom I put into this category.

One of the sad aspects of being the alien elite is that we are few and far between and it may be that we are the first new batch of the next phase of human development – transcendent humans.

I’ve always felt different from the rest of the herd because I found out I wasn’t in the end - part of the herd. The herd or the flock from a human perspective is generally part of the food chain.

I, you, us aren’t part of the herd for this very reason. We’re not about to get eaten or attacked, or let things happen to us and run off in fear. When confronted by adversity we have our wits about us [intelligence not stupidity], we use what comes naturally to us, not moan or lament or plead/bleat for a better outcome [we act, study, or fight - not pray or worship].

We are more akin to the wolf, bear, tiger or lion. I personally identify with lions myself.

As for coping I’m in full agreement with TrojZyr

“I've also learned that when you can't be around interesting people, you have to figure out how to make people interesting. You can do this by either providing a service that makes you feel useful and engaged, or asking questions that get people to reveal what turns them on or makes them tick. When people are passionate and engaged, they typically become more interesting, and more enjoyable to deal with.”

That’s exactly what I do. I keep my Satanism to myself and mingle with the rest of the sheep in sheep’s clothing – although a lion in sheep’s clothing stands out sometimes – most of the time I do a good job of ‘being one of them’ without being them. It’s like being a spy almost. The best spies are never detected.

Don’t know if this helps with the ’stupids’ you have no choice to interact with, but I’m hoping some sort of greater magical fortune will come your way.

Infernal regards

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 - 1860)

#471657 - 03/19/12 08:11 AM Re: Alien Elite among ignorant sheep [Re: Sanguinary]
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I didn’t expect this thread to be resurrected – but…

When I posted this almost eight months ago – I was experiencing quite a bit of frustration due to a situation I had to be a part of at the time. My long rant was in response to some feelings of being foreign and alone that were somewhat overwhelming.

As time moves on, situations change which brings about changes in feelings, education, experience, and wisdom.

I have found that having the company of one or two responsible, like-minded individuals is usually stimulating enough to prevent my frustration from getting the best of me. Indeed – the herd will always be the herd – and I will have to continue living among them. I’m concentrating on my own desires and outcomes. The herd can continue to be the herd – but I won’t let them bring me down and I can use their mentality to my advantage.

Hail Satan!
Originally Posted By: Phineas
My suggestion to you, besides obtaining a copy of The Satanic Bible and reading it, is to immerse yourself in the information contained at the Church of Satan website.

Originally Posted By: Hagen von Tronje
You can't guzzle whiskey and pinch pretty ladies' asses when you're dead.

Originally Posted By: Roho_the_Rooster
Love life. Live life. Don't fuck with people unnecessarily. Don"t let other people fuck with you. Simple guidelines that that will help you to make informed, intelligent and Satanic decisions.

Originally Posted By: Callier
Constructive criticism is one thing but people that just point blank tell others what they should be doing with their lives without any kind of permission can eat a bag of hairy balls.

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