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#461851 - 10/09/11 08:48 AM Skin-Healing Gun
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Amazing. They hope to improve it in the new future for hair, bone, and muscle regrowth.

I didn't realize stem cell research had yielded something so practical and "here" yet!

This reminds me of the Medic's healing gun from Team Fortress 2 if anyone else is familiar with that.

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#461861 - 10/09/11 01:39 PM Re: Skin-Healing Gun [Re: Liberterius]
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If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend the documentary 'Transcendant Man' covering the inventions and ideas of Ray Kurzweil. It's an incredible picture of the possible future of human health and the incredible advances we're already making.
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#461870 - 10/09/11 05:57 PM Re: Skin-Healing Gun [Re: Valtiel]
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You can see it here for just a few bucks.

Also Aubrey De Grey has some fascinating insight into stopping aging.


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Alright. If Jörg is going to call it that he better brush his hair. I wouldn't trust someone who looked like that with a gun. grin

Seriously, stupid name (why not the skin-healing... airbrush or something? Skin-healing gun makes about as much sense as a hemophobic mosquito) but WOW!!!

Four days?! Absolutely incredibly superfragilisticool. cool

I actually like the way burn scars look but I know they can be so severe as to make functioning difficult. And that's just if one survives the burn to begin with.

Really, really neat stuff, thanks for posting!
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#461896 - 10/10/11 04:18 AM Re: Skin-Healing Gun [Re: Shade]
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That word is now in my arsenal.

Love it! jack

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Originally Posted By: Liberterius

Reminds me of the Medic's healing gun from Team Fortress 2 if anyone else is familiar with that.

I could also see that technology eventually becoming something like the machine in Jason X vomit.

The advances being made by individuals in medicine never cease to thrill me smile.
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